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Ankle cuffs

Here you will find some products that simplify the taming of your animals!

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Foot restraints for cows are often used to hold the animal in place and limit their freedom of movement. However, there are important tips to follow to ensure that ankle restraints are used correctly and do not affect the cows' welfare.

Firstly, ankle restraints should never be applied too tightly as this can cause injury and restrict circulation. It is also important to ensure that the shackles are not worn for too long to avoid pressure points or damage to the joints.

It is also important that cows that are shackled have enough space and access to food and water. They should not be kept in one place for an unnecessarily long time and should be moved regularly to activate their muscles and joints.

Finally, ankle shackles should never be used as the only form of control. Other methods such as fencing systems and automatic milking systems can be used to ensure safe and effective animal housing.

Overall, leg restraints for cows should only be used under certain conditions and with appropriate monitoring and care to ensure the welfare of the animals.