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Automatic feeders

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Plastic feeder SMART (10 kg) | green

  • Feeder for mounting on the wall
  • made of resistant plastic
  • Feed capacity 10 kg
  • protects against pests

Poultry feeder with rain cover | galvanized steel

  • Minimizes feed losses
  • Canopy rain protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Rust resistant

Poultry feeder with step plate | galvanized steel

  • Optimal protection against pests
  • Weather resistant
  • Optimal reduction of feed consumption
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Stükerjürgen feeder for poultry | with folding cover |(4 kg)

  • Novel opening for filling from the top without inverting
  • Impact and break resistant plastic
  • Fill level can be seen from the outside

Plastic poultry feeder Blenheim| green | (6 kg)

  • Automatic feeding
  • Specially designed feeding stations minimize ejection and contamination of the feed
  • Can be used standing or hanging
  • High quality plastic
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