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Battery energisers 9 V

  • Battery-operated 9V pasture fencers with long service life
  • Well suited for smaller fences and mobile pastures
  • Quality Made in Germany

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horizont 9 V / 12 V / 230 V electric fence - hotshock® ABN37

  • Powerful pasture fence device with special pulse shape up to 6 km fence length
  • Voltage 13,000 volts, 0.5 joules input / 0.37 joules output
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals as well as for difficult defense situations such as game defense
  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation for uninterrupted operation

Intellishock B25

  • Dual unit: unit can be connected to 9V battery or 12V rechargeable battery and 230V mains power at the same time - uninterrupted operation guaranteed even in case of power failure
  • Maximum voltage 9,000 V, 0.33 joules input, 0.25 joules output
  • Impulse control for activity monitoring
  • Optional operation via solar panel possible

horizont 9 V / 12 V / 230 V electric fence - farmer® ABN30

  • Top quality - ideal for fence lengths for up to 5.5 km
  • Maximum voltage 10,000 V, 0.4 joules input / 0.3 joules output
  • Integrated power saving circuit adjusts power consumption to pasture fence
  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation for uninterrupted operation

horizont 9 V / 12 V electric fence - trapper® B12

  • Top quality - ideal for fence lengths up to 3 km
  • Maximum voltage 8,500 volts, 0.18 joules input, 0.12 joules output
  • Compact housing with carrying handle - ideal for mobile use
  • Ideal for small, simple fence systems. Suitable for beginners and hobby pet owners.

horizont ABN30GREEN Greenline 9 V / 12 V / 230 V pasture fencer

  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation
  • Energy Control - 3-stage LED display for battery capacity and activity of the device
  • 10,000 V voltage, 0.4 joules input / 0.3 joules output
  • Plug-in profile for ground rod in housing
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9-volt electric fence - Reliable and effective without a power connection

Topic overview

What are the advantages of a 9V electric fence?

In contrast to a mains or battery-powered electric fence, a 9V electric fence can supply your electric fence with power completely without a mains connection.

Depending on the device, a battery lasts for several months and requires little maintenance, as no ongoing recharging is necessary.

Important: If the electric fence battery is discharged, it can no longer be recharged. However, the empty battery can easily be replaced with a new one.

9-volt electric fencers are also characterised by their small, handy design and their low weight compared to battery-powered devices, which makes them particularly attractive for mobile use.

For what purpose is a 9V electric fence suitable?

A 9 V electric f ence is ideal for small to medium fence lengths, mobile pastures, portion pastures and paddocks.

The compact and lightweight design of battery units also makes them the perfect choice for use at tournaments and equestrian trails.

As a battery device is somewhat less powerful compared to battery and mains devices, the pasture fence to be electrified should also be well maintained, as heavy vegetation on the fence has a noticeable effect on the fence voltage. The voltage drop that this can cause may not be compensated for by the electrical output of a 9 volt electric fence unit.

If you want to use your electric fence exclusively for mobile use, but do not want to constantly recharge a battery, the purchase of a 9V electric fence is also a good idea. Depending on the model, an entire grazing season can be covered with one battery.

Power supply - What options are there?

As the name suggests,9V electric fencers can be operated with a 9V battery. In addition, you have the option of using a 12-volt Super Vlies battery. The maximum output energy of the 9 volt electric fence is limited by the power of the batteries. By using a Super Vlies battery, correspondingly higher energies can be realised.

In our shop category Energy supply you will find our wide range of high-quality and high-performance electric fence batteries, as well as rechargeable batteries for supplying your 9 V electric fence device.

All horizont battery devices can also be upgraded to solar operation with a solar panel.

The dual devices also offer connection to the 230 V mains.

What accessories are needed to use a 9-volt electric fence?

  • Electric fence battery or rechargeable battery

Large and small battery cases fit all 9 volt battery devices. The horizont electric fence batteries also all come with connection cables, so no additional accessories are needed to connect them to the 9 V electric fence device.

  • Fence tester - For a reliable check of the fence voltage

If you decide to purchase a 9 V electric fence unit from our professional series (ranger or turbomax), an additional fence tester is not absolutely necessary, as corresponding integrated features of the electric fence units control and display the fence voltage.

  • Solar panel - for upgrading to solar operation
  • Ground stake

In which cases is a battery device not suitable for you? - We offer alternatives!

Large fence systems or heavy vegetation on the pasture fence require higher device outputs than a battery-operated 9 volt electric fence device can provide for maximum herding security. In these cases, it is advisable to purchase a 12-volt electric fence (rechargeable battery unit) for mobile use or a 230-volt mains unit if access to mains power is available.