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Raising & birthing

Calf rearing and birth assistance: an important part of agriculture

Calf rearing and birth assistance requires special products to ensure optimal welfare and healthy development. These include colostrum replacer, milk replacer, feeding buckets, teat buckets and heat lamps. For successful birth care, you need, among other things. Calving boxes, birthing kits, umbilical cord clamps and disinfectants. Our products are specially designed for the needs of calves to ensure successful rearing and birth assistance. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for calf rearing and birth assistance to provide your animals with optimal care.

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Leg splint for calves with tendon stiff foot

  • Treatment without plaster and bandages
  • Adjustable and reusable
  • Internal padding for optimal fit
  • Washable

Septicare Lubricant Gel (1 L)

  • Optimal for lubrication of the arm and hands
  • Suitable for rectal and vaginal examinations
  • Not suitable for inseminations

VINK birth aid for dairy cows | traction 300 kg

  • Suitable for dairy and beef breeds and large cattle
  • Oxidation resistant
  • Customizable obstetric head

VINK obstetrician for slaughter cattle | traction 500 kg

  • Suitable for large lactating cows
  • Long life
  • Immediate relaxation of the tension possible
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