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Poultry drinkers

  • Easy care drinkers especially for chickens
  • Large selection of different sizes and designs
  • Ideally suited for the coop or outdoor area

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Copele poultry drinker silo outdoor | 35 L

  • Permanent fresh water supply for your chickens
  • Uncomplicated assembly without tools
  • Lid and filter ensure constantly fresh water
  • Secure stand thanks to robust plastic feet

Plastic poultry drinker SMART (12 L)

  • High-quality, UV-resistant plastic
  • Effective protection against contamination and resulting diseases
  • Uncomplicated wall mounting and cleaning
  • Including rain cover and mounting hardware

Siphon drinker on steel base | galvanized (22 L)

  • Capacity of 22 litres
  • Constantly clean and fresh water supply
  • 3 robust metal legs

Starterset für Legehennen

  • Egg box for 12 eggs: Safe, tidy storage for fresh eggs - With a practical handle for easy carrying - Modern design makes it a stylish, functional accessory for your hen house
  • Feed scoop: Lightweight, handy feed scoop with a generous capacity of 2.5kg - ideal for effortlessly filling feeders or drinking troughs
  • Laying nest: Comfortable, protected nest, provides the ideal environment for laying fresh eggs - With generous space - Constructed from robust materials for long-lasting, sustainable use
  • Chicken drinker: Reliable water source with a capacity of 5 litres - Made from 100% recycled plastic - With sturdy feet for secure footing and cleanliness

Chicken drinker CLEAN | recycled plastic (3 litres)

  • Steady
  • Hygienic thanks to easy cleaning
  • Suitable for suspension
  • Saves resources and protects the environment - 100% recycled materials
Number of articles per page

horizont Poultry drinkers

Are you looking for a drinker for chickens, quails, ducks or geese? You are guaranteed to find the right model in our range!

Our horizont drinkers at a glance:

  • Inverted drinkers

Inverted drinkers are the perfect choice for poultry keepers - whether professional or hobbyist. Our range offers you various models in different sizes and capacity volumes, so you are guaranteed to find the right drinker for your needs.

A chicken drinker with a handle makes it easy to transport, while drinkers with integrated feet and thus a raised stand ensure more cleanliness and hygiene. It is also advisable to choose a waterer with a transparent top, so that the water level can be checked at any time.

  • Automatic chicken drinkers

Fully automatic poultry drinkers are filled by means of a hose connection and low-pressure principle via a water tank. These drinkers are automatic and are particularly suitable for laying and fattening farms, as large quantities of poultry can be supplied with water.

  • Chick drinker

In our assortment you will also find chick drinkers with a deeper bottom, especially designed for chicks and quails.

  • Large poultry drinkers with feet / siphon drinkers

Siphon drinkers are ideal for providing larger quantities of poultry with drinking water or for supplying a small number of chickens over several days without having to change the water. Thanks to the integrated feet, the water bowl is elevated and prevents water contamination. This drinker model is conveniently filled from above.

What materials can poultry drinkers be made of?

In our online range, you can choose between poultry drinkers made of plastic or metal. Both variants are extremely robust and easy to clean.

A special feature from our range of plastic poultry drinkers are the drinkers from the "Green Series". They are made from 100% renewable resources and are therefore particularly ecological and environmentally friendly.

How big should the poultry drinker be?

The size of the poultry drinker is an important factor when keeping chickens. Before buying, find out about the water requirements of your animals in order to choose the right drinker for you.

On an average day, adult chickens of medium size drink 300 ml of water. However, this is only a guideline, determined by taking into account factors such as the time of year, the breed of chicken or the type of feed.

For a number of 10 chickens, we recommend choosing a drinking volume of at least 3 litres.

Do I need heating plates for the poultry drinkers in winter?

In cold winter months, special care must be taken to keep the poultry drinker free of ice to ensure a constant supply of drinking water for your poultry. A heating plate for drinkers is the ideal remedy and reliably protects the drinking water from frost.