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In the online shop you will find a large selection of pitchforks and manure forks. We offer pitchforks and manure forks in different sizes and designs so you can find the perfect fork for your needs.

Our pitchforks are made of sturdy steel and are perfect for use in the barn and in the garden. They are particularly durable and have strong tines so they can easily pick up stubborn manure and straw. The horizont Swedish fork is made from high-quality plastic with a high proportion of polycarbonate and is particularly lightweight. They are ideal for use in stable and yard work and are particularly easy to clean.

Order your new manure or pitchfork today in our online shop and benefit from our low prices and fast delivery times.

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horizont Manure fork | 3 tines

  • 3 prongs
  • Delivery with handle
  • Galvanized clamping ring
  • Corrosion protection

horizont Manure fork | 4 tines

  • 4 prongs
  • Delivery with handle
  • Galvanized fork
  • Corrosion protection

horizont plastic swing fork

  • Extremely stable
  • Quality material
  • 18 angled tines
  • approx. 40 cm wide

horizont Polycarbonate Manure Fork Dura Fork

  • Polycarbonate fork
  • Fork with 19 tines
  • Side tines raised
  • Length of the tines: approx. 30 cm

horizont Plastic manure fork | reinforced edge

  • Reinforced sides
  • from polycarbonate
  • Fork with 19 tines
  • Length of the tines: approx. 30 cm
Number of articles per page