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Milk production

The art of milk collection: Efficient and hygienic

Our milk collection products offer efficient solutions for everyday needs. From simple hand pumps to automatic farm milking systems, we have the right product for every need. Our products are easy to use, hygienic and durable to ensure reliable milk collection. Whether you run a small dairy farm or a large farm, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs.

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Milky butter machine (10 L) | electric

  • Churning in 4 speed levels
  • Motor with different levels for the optimal butter
  • Extra large viewing lid to control the process
  • Automatic safety stop button

Milky butter machine (32 L) | electric

  • Churning in 2 speed levels
  • Strong engine for professional direct marketing
  • Extra large viewing lid to control the process
  • Removable stainless steel agitator

Milky milk centrifuge AR 140 ECO (230 V)

  • low noise motor 60W motor
  • 130 - 140 liters of milk can be processed per hour
  • adjustable framing screw
  • all important parts made of food tested material

Milchzentrifuge AR85 230 V

  • Almost unbreakable 10 litre whole milk container
  • Specially balanced drum at zero point
  • Anodised drum plates
  • On/off switch with splash-proof rubber seal

Milchzentrifuge FJ85 HANDBETR.

  • 10 litre aluminium milk container
  • Cast iron body
  • Hand crank for manual processing of the milk
  • Drum and drum plate made of aluminium
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Milk production - a fundamental component

Milk production is an important part of dairy farming and is practised all over the world. Milk is obtained by milking dairy cows, goats and sheep. This involves stimulating the animal's mammary glands and passing the milk through the udder into a milk tank or directly into a container.

Milk collection can be done manually or mechanically. Machine milking systems allow faster and more efficient milk collection, while manual milking offers more control over the process. Good hygiene is of great importance in milk collection to ensure the quality and safety of the milk.

It is important that milking equipment and utensils are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The milk obtained is sold to dairies or directly to consumers for further processing and sale. Milk is an important source of calcium and other essential nutrients and is highly valued in human nutrition.