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Fibreglass posts

The professional variant among the mobile pasture fence posts

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What makes fibreglass piles?

Characteristic properties of fibreglass:

  • Fibreglass is a glass fibre reinforced plastic.
  • Elasticity and temperature resistance are characteristic properties of the material.
  • Compared to conventional plastic posts, fibreglass fence posts are also remarkably light in weight and particularly stable and hard-wearing. They are particularly handy in the field and easy to transport.
  • Cleaning the fibreglass posts is particularly easy. Commercially available all-purpose cleaner is usually sufficient to remove dirt from the posts.

For what purpose are fibreglass poles particularly suitable?

Fibreglass posts are the professional version of mobile fence posts.

Like plastic posts, fibreglass fence posts also have a metal tip that is driven into the ground, making them quick and easy to erect. Easy and flexible repositioning of the posts is also possible at any time, making them particularly attractive for mobile use.

In which cases are fibreglass stakes not suitable?

Fibreglass posts are not suitable for use as tension posts. For your choice of corner posts that are subject to particularly high requirements, we recommend posts made of wood, recycled posts, angle steel posts or T-posts.

What accessories can we recommend?

  • Insulators
    In the case of fibreglass posts, can be individually adjusted in number and height. Insulators for clamping/clipping are particularly suitable.
  • Driving aid for fibreglass piles
    Recommended for protecting the fibreglass pile when driving it in with a hammer.