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Boxes & Security

Theft protection, convenient transport and weather-protected storage for 12-volt pasture fencing technology - these are the advantages of our equipment and security box for pasture fencing equipment and its accessories such as battery and connection accessories.

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horizont Galvanized carrying box for 12 volt devices

  • With integrated carrying handle
  • Battery box can be optionally retrofitted with a solar bracket
  • Ideal for 12 V batteries 63 Ah and 85 Ah
  • Galvanized

horizont Electrifiable safety box

  • Additional theft protection
  • Lockable and electrifiable
  • If an unauthorized person touches the box, he receives a deterrent electric shock
  • Only the owner, with the help of an insulated key, can open the box and operate the electric fence device inside it

horizont metal carrying box

  • Facilitates the transport of battery and electric fence device
  • Provided with 2 integrated handles
  • Particularly robust due to 1.5 mm thick galvanized sheet metal
  • Transport box can be optionally retrofitted with a solar bracket

horizont Large capacity battery box

  • Lockable with sufficient storage space for electric fence and battery
  • for accumulators up to 230 Ah
  • Interior dimension: 80 x 40 x 30 (cm)
  • Protection from the weather and theft
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