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horizont 230 V electric fence - turbomax® N1430

  • Very strong pasture fence unit - ideal for fence lengths up to 85 km and highest demands
  • Maximum voltage 12,000 V, 25 joules input, 14.3 joules output
  • For increased guarding safety in the event of faults, the turbo effect emits a second pulse
  • The innovative turbomax technology reliably supplies the fence with fence loads above 500 Ohm

horizont 230 V electric fence - hotshock® N500

  • Extra powerful pasture fence unit for robust animals and fence lengths up to 45 km
  • Maximum voltage 9,500 V, 6 joules input, 5 joules output
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals as well as for difficult defense situations such as game defense
  • Practical with two fence outputs - strong and extra strong

horizont 230 V electric fence - ranger® N270

  • Professional device for large pastures with fence lengths for up to 20 km
  • Maximum voltage 13,500 volts, 3.4 joules input, 2.7 joules output
  • Ideal for upscale and dry soils. Best suited for grazing animals such as cattle and horses.
  • Practical with two fence exits - for paddocks and small pastures or large pastures
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