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Looking for a pasture fence device? You've come to the right place. With over 75 years of experience, we can help you find the best fencing equipment to meet your needs and requirements. You will find a wide range of different electric fencing devices such as: Mobile battery devices or stationary mains devices.

With our electric fencing devices, you are choosing an efficient and safe option!

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horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - trapper® N45

  • Reliable performance for smaller fencing systems
  • Maximum voltage 8,000 volts, 0.8 joules input, 0.45 joules output
  • Active monitoring through Power Control
  • High-quality materials and robust design

230 V Intellishock M50 electric fence energiser

  • Performance and efficiency combined
  • The housing is UV-stabilised, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Universal use for many animal species: horse, cattle, pig, poultry
  • Ideal for medium pasture fences up to 5.5 km fence length

horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - turbomax® N1430

  • Powerful and uninterrupted
  • Maximum voltage 12,000 V, 25 joules input, 14.3 joules output
  • 5-year guarantee
  • 2-stage technology for outstanding troubleshooting

horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - hotshock® N500

  • Extra powerful pasture fencing device for robust animals and fence lengths of up to 45 km
  • Maximum voltage 9,500 V, 6 joules input, 5 joules output
  • Innovative "Impulse Control" for maximum safety
  • 3 years warranty

Intellishock M90

  • Permanent & reliable operation on 230 V mains - low consumption
  • Maximum voltage 7,800 V, 1.2 joules input, 0.9 joules output
  • Material is UV-stabilised, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Universal use for many animal species: horse, cattle, pig, poultry
Number of articles per page

How does an electric fence work?

The electric fence is supplied with power via a mains connection, rechargeable battery or battery. If the electric fence is earthed and connected to a fence, there is a non-closed circuit. The electric fence therefore emits short current pulses that flow along the fence but remain unused without animal contact or discharge. If an animal touches the fence, the circuit is closed and the animal receives a short, harmless electric shock. The current flows over the animal's body into the ground and is fed back through the earth rods into the pasture fence device. In the course of this, the animal learns to accept the fence as a barrier that will not be crossed again.

Which electric fence is right for me?

You should consider the following factors when choosing the right electric fence:

Which energy supply do you want to rely on for your electric fence device?

Electric fence with mains connection (230V)

If you have access to a mains socket, a 230 volt electric fence is the best choice. The mains-powered electric fence is characterised by uninterrupted operation, no maintenance (changing batteries) and efficient, high performance.

Electric fence with 12V battery

A 12-volt electric fence with rechargeable battery is recommended for mobile use when there is no mains access. Especially for medium to long fence systems, you should opt for the versatile and durable battery-powered electric fence.

Electric fence with 9V battery

Ideally suited for paddocks and smaller fencing systems. The light, handy designs make the electric fence units particularly attractive for mobile use.

Solar devices

Horizont solar-powered electric fencers have an integrated solar module that supports the battery. Sustainable use goes hand in hand with economical discharge of the battery.

Many of our electric fence units also combine different types of power supply.

Which animals are to be herded?

Every animal has special characteristics and reacts differently to the current impulse. In addition to size and body mass, the sensitivity and hairiness of the animals are important for the right choice of electric fence.

horizont has developed special impulse forms for different situations in order to be able to guarantee herding safety for every type of animal and every fence situation. You can easily recognise which type of animal and which fencing device is recommended for which type of animal by looking at the animal symbols.

How large is the area to be fenced?

The fence length is important for choosing the right electric fence device, but also the conductor material. The performance of the electric fence and the conductivity of the conductor material must match! To make it easier for you to choose the right products, horizont has combined matching products in series:

  • trapper® - Ideal for small, simple fencing systems and, due to its easy handling, just the right thing for beginners and hobby livestock owners.

  • farmer® - all-rounder pasture fencing equipment designed for calm grazing animals and normal operating conditions

  • hotshock® - for fencing off robust animals or keeping long-haired or feathered animals

  • ranger® - our professional range for higher demands and dry soils. Optimal choice for grazing animals such as horses or cattle

  • turbomax® - Premium series, consisting of extremely powerful pasture fencing units for the highest demands and extremely long fences

Please note that the length specifications always assume optimal conditions, any disturbances and vegetation are excluded. In the case of vegetation, part of the energy is dissipated from the fence into the ground and is then missing in the herding performance.

Are electric pasture fences dangerous?

To eliminate the risk of dangerous electric shock, the electric fence sends the charge to the fence in pulses. The pulse duration is only 0.1 to 0.3 thousandths of a second and the pulse interval is between 1.15 and 2.0 seconds, so that despite high voltage values and impact strength, only a short deterrent electric shock is produced and there is no danger to humans or animals.

What additional functions do our horizont electric fence units have?

horizont Electric fencers are equipped with various functions, including automatic ones. These guarantee you simple and flexible adjustment to the respective type of use, fence quality and vegetation. In addition, you can get by with fewer batteries over the entire pasture fence season, because many devices are equipped with a power-saving circuit (ECO Power). The premium products are made of a particularly stable and weather-resistant plastic. They are splash-proof, well electrically insulated and suitable for high operating temperatures in the sun. Some pasture fence devices have an LED display that provides information about the fence condition despite long distances. The control effort is reduced to a minimum as you can read the output voltage from the device (Energy Control, Power Control, Impulse Control, System Control). Furthermore, there are some features to ensure fence safety in difficult situations or in case of damage (turbo effect, 2-stage technology CPN, turbomax technology).