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Accessories & Tools

  • Suitable accessories for your poultry keeping
  • Top selection of aids such as laying nests and poultry clip rings

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Starterset für Legehennen

  • Egg box for 12 eggs: Safe, tidy storage for fresh eggs - With a practical handle for easy carrying - Modern design makes it a stylish, functional accessory for your hen house
  • Feed scoop: Lightweight, handy feed scoop with a generous capacity of 2.5kg - ideal for effortlessly filling feeders or drinking troughs
  • Laying nest: Comfortable, protected nest, provides the ideal environment for laying fresh eggs - With generous space - Constructed from robust materials for long-lasting, sustainable use
  • Chicken drinker: Reliable water source with a capacity of 5 litres - Made from 100% recycled plastic - With sturdy feet for secure footing and cleanliness

Kokoseinstreu 100 L

  • Environmentally conscious and sustainable
  • High absorption power for maximum hygiene
  • Effective odour neutralisation
  • Uncomplicated application

Kajo harvest basket (15 L)

  • Made of recycled plastic, produced with green electricity, 100% recyclable
  • 5 years warranty on UV resistance
  • Stackable, easy to store and clean
  • Universal applicable

Catch hook for poultry

  • Easy and safe trapping of poultry
  • Comfortable plastic handle
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