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Vakuumierbeutel 20x30, 50/ 100

  • High quality: The horizont vacuum bags are made of BPA-free plastic, are tear-resistant and have a material thickness of 100µm.
  • Effective freshness: The fine ribbed structure and the stable weld seam enable an optimum vacuum to keep meat, fish, fruit and vegetables fresh longer
  • Versatile: the bags are ideal for vacuuming various foods and can be reused
  • Easy to use: The 20x30cm bags are practical to use and fit perfectly with your vacuuming equipment

Vakuumierrolle 30x600, 2/ 100

  • High quality horizont vacuum rolls 30x600cm, made in Europe, offer an ideal solution for keeping meat, fish, fruit and vegetables fresh.
  • With a material thickness of 100µm and made of BPA-free plastic, these vacuum rolls are extremely tear-resistant and ensure long-lasting freshness of your food.
  • The fine ribbed structure and the stable weld seam ensure an efficient vacuum and protect your food from freezer burn and flavour loss.
  • Thanks to their reusability, you not only save money but also help reduce waste. Simply clean the vacuum rolls and use them again.

Reber automatic vacuum sealer | SALVASPESA PLUS

  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Continuous operation without waiting for cooling down
  • 20 vacuum bags included

Reber automatic vacuum sealer | INOX (40 cm)

  • SUPERVACUUM function with electronic control
  • REBER energy system with electronic welding power control
  • Maintenance-free, double-walled plunger pump
  • Stainless steel housing
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