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Solar panels

Discover our selection of solar modules in kit form or as solar panels.

Are you looking for a maintenance-free, long-lasting and cost-effective energy supply? Then choose one of our solar modules with outputs from 2 to 50 watts. You already have an electric fence but want to switch to solar? The 9V battery or 12V rechargeable battery electric fence will continue to work with the solar modules without any problems.

You can also find the right accessories to install the solar module here.

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horizont Solar Kit 2 Watt

  • The battery devices "equiSTOP®" B1 / B2" and trapper® B can be retrofitted with this solar kit
  • The solar kit is simply pushed onto the recessed grip of the electric fence unit
  • The device works with module in parallel operation (during the day directly via the solar module and at night via a dry battery)
  • The device also works via a super fleece battery, which is charged via the module

horizont Solar kit 2.5 watt with plastic frame and swiveling holder

  • With stepless, swiveling holder
  • Monocrystalline solar panel
  • Lightweight design of the solar panel
  • Stable frame made of plastic

horizont Solar kit with bracket 5 W

  • 5 watt
  • For the horizont farmer® ABN30 and hotSHOCK® ABN37 electric fencers suitable
  • The device works automatically with the solar panel in 9 V battery mode or 12 V rechargeable battery mode
  • Sturdy polycarbonate frame and holder

horizont Solar kit with bracket 10 W

  • 10 watt
  • Suitable for the horizont farmer® ABN30 and hotSHOCK® ABN37 electric fencers
  • The device works automatically with the solar panel in 9 V battery mode or 12 V rechargeable battery mode
  • Sturdy polycarbonate frame and holder

horizont Monocrystalline Solar Panel 5 Watt

  • Self regulating solar panel
  • Complete with connection cable and aluminum frame
  • Power strength 5 watt
  • Consisting of monocrystalline silicon cells
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Solar pasture fencer: How does it work?

Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Accordingly, electricity is increasingly generated by photovoltaics. Sunlight collects in the solar modules, which is then converted into electricity. The electrical impulse of the electric fence is conducted through the connection cable into the fence. Surplus energy is stored by the battery of the electric fence. An integrated charge controller in the electric fence protects it from overcharging.

Which solar modules do we offer?

You will find a wide selection of solar modules and solar panels with different power ratings. Our range includes modules of various power levels from 2 to 50 watts, so you are guaranteed to find your ideal product.

What are the advantages of a solar panel?

Lower electricity costs: Combine the solar panel with a 12V battery-powered electric fence. The solar module not only supplies your electric fence with electricity, but also charges the battery of the electric fence device.

Long battery life: You save on maintenance work and the life of your accumulator or battery is significantly extended.

Efficient power supply: During the day, the solar panel charges your electric fence device and at night it supplies the electric fence with electricity.

Generating electricity with solar panels saves fossil fuels, which has a positive effect on the environment. It is precisely this point of sustainability and environmental friendliness that you achieve by using the horizont solar panels in conjunction with pasture fencing equipment. In addition, the solar modules can be used for both stationary and mobile applications.

Which electric fencers can be combined with the solar modules?

Basically, the 12V battery and 9V battery-powered electric fences can be supplemented with a solar module without any problems. In general, the power of your electric fence unit determines which solar module you should choose. If you do not yet have an electric fence, you are also welcome to search for electric fencers with integrated solar module look.

What should be considered?

General use: When using a solar module, a buffer in the form of a 9V battery or 12V rechargeable battery-powered electric fence should be available.

Battery-powered electric fence: When using the battery-powered electric fence with a solar module supplement, make sure that the battery is charged for the first time with a conventional charger. When checking the battery of the electric fence unit, you must first disconnect the solar module and then wait 15 minutes.

Battery-powered electric fence: The battery-powered electric fence is not charged via the solar module. Only the electric fence is operated by it.