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The electronic net is a quick to set up and flexible alternative to the classic pasture fence. It offers sheep and goats on the pasture as well as poultry or pets in the garden herding security and is easy to handle. Electronic nets are also an effective solution for protecting flocks of sheep against wolf attacks.

Discover our wide range of electrified nets in heights from 50 cm to 145 cm for your individual range of requirements.

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horizont Sheep net turbomax high energy | 105 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrifiable

  • The herding net is suitable for sheep, goats and lambs
  • Protection of small game, which can slip through larger meshes and remain unharmed
  • Recommended by the Landesschafzuchtverband Baden-Württemberg
  • Stable stand due to rigid perpendiculars

horizont Sheep net horinetz | 105 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrified

  • Good conductivity and extremely durable
  • High load capacity due to reinforced strands
  • A horizont bestseller for decades
  • Scope of delivery includes a free repair kit

horizont Wolf repellent net horinetz super plus | 120 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrifiable

  • The wolf repellent net is suitable for sheep, goats and lambs
  • Recommended by the Saxon Sheep and Goat Breeding Association
  • Overjump increase by means of an additional 20 mm tape at a height of 120 cm
  • Fast and uncomplicated assembly

horizont Sheep net turbomax extra | 90 cm high | 50 m long | single tip | electrified

  • Good conductivity and extremely durable
  • High load capacity due to reinforced strands
  • A horizont bestseller for decades
  • Scope of delivery includes a free repair kit

horizont Sheep net turbomax high energy plus earth with grounding conductor | 105 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrifiable

  • Additional ground conductor ensures good grounding even in dry conditions
  • Small game can slip through the larger mesh spacing on the ground and is thus protected
  • Recommended by the Landesschafzuchtverband Baden-Württemberg
  • Well suited for use on uneven terrain
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Electronic networks -Proven horizont quality for secure fencing

Topic overview:

Purpose of electronic nets - what do I need electronic nets for?

As an animal owner, you have the option of fencing in or out your animals with a pasture fence or an electronic net. Animals that have thick fur or feathers, such as poultry, sheep and goats, are ideally herded with an electronic net. Small animals such as cats, dogs or rabbits are also suitable for herding with nets due to their body size. The horizont range also offers optimal electronic netting and strand fencing solutions to ward off game or wolves.

The various types of nets are classified according to the different animal species: sheep/goat, poultry and small animal nets (rabbits, cats), as well as wolf protection nets.

What are the components and properties of electronic nets?

An electronic net consists of horizontal and vertical strands. These strands are made of monofilament plastic threads and the current-carrying strands are also made of wires. A quality feature here is the number and thickness of the wires. In the case of plastic monofilaments, resistance to sunlight and mechanical strength also play a special role.

Quality features of horizont electronic nets - Why are they so special?

horizont Plastic monofilaments are made of high-quality polyethylene (PE for short) with an additive for UV stabilisation. By using special reinforcements of the vertical strands, the plastic struts, the stability of the electronic nets can be further increased (for specific applications under increased weather conditions, such as wind and snow loads, as well as in uneven terrain). In addition, there are various stakes in different heights and thicknesses for optimal vertical fixation of the nets. Depending on the application, there are different versions of nets, which differ in the strand spacing and the number as well as the arrangement of the current-carrying strands.

Conductivity - what needs to be considered?

Achieving the necessary sheath pulse energy can be supported by a high electrical conductivity (of the strands or wires). Information on conductivity can be found at the horizont network types, e.g. the symbol A++, which stands for the highest conductivity.

What are the general conditions for the construction and dismantling of electronic nets?

Our horizont electronic nets, like most standard nets today, have a height of 90 to 120 cm. According to the specifications of the various federal states and various state sheep breeding associations, these nets are sufficient to ensure herding safety. Just as important as the height of the electronic net is that the distance between the ground and the lowest live strand should never be more than 20 cm, as this prevents dogs and wolves from digging under or slipping through. This also applies to uneven ground conditions.

As the power conductors are already integrated in the net and the fence posts are already connected to the electronic net, the installation is very simple: roll up and set up!

You can find detailed videos on the installation with helpful tips and tricks in our sheep fence guide.

If nets are not currently being used, it is recommended that they be dismantled. Only when dismantled and properly stored can it be ensured that the electronic nets can be used quickly and reliably in the coming season.

Tip for storing the nets: Electronic nets are best stored folded and not rolled. For this purpose, the poles are placed next to each other and the net is spread out lengthwise in between. Only when all the net elements and poles lie neatly on top of each other can the net be reduced in volume by folding it several times. It is best to store it flat without any pressure from above.

Choosing the right poles: Double or single pile?

The subsoil conditions should also be decisive when it comes to finding the right electronic net for the particular application. A single spike, for example, is ideal for use in stony soil; for all other soils, the double spike should be preferred because of its greater stability.

The piles from horizont are particularly stable. The pile material is specially optimised for repeated tensile loads, which occur during the extraction of net piles. The high strength and adapted elasticity as well as the special connection technology of the pile with the ground nails ensure a particularly long durability compared to conventional piles in mobile use.

Choosing the right electric fence - what is suitable for my animals?

horizont offers special electric fencing devices for herding animals with an insulating wool, hair or feather coat. Since in practice the electronic nets are often set up well within the vegetation, the horizont electric fencers are designed for exactly such conditions:

  • The hotshock series is suitable for sheep, goats, poultry and for game and wolf control.
  • The farmer series is ideal for small animals.

Why doesn't my electronic net work?

Possible sources of error at a glance:

  • The vegetation situation

The vegetation at the place of use also plays a major role in the selection of the appropriate electronic net. For example, an increased ground clearance of the lower current-carrying strand or a certain number and arrangement of the current-carrying vertical strands can significantly reduce energy dissipation into the ground that is unused for herding performance. The pulse-like energy of the electric fencer is thus optimally available in the necessary intensity for herding safety when the animal comes into contact with the electric net. If one of the lowest strands is in vegetation, this can have a negative effect on herding performance due to conduction.

  • Grounding/earth conductor

When using nets on particularly dry soils, it makes sense to use a net with earth conductors, as in this application the dry soil prevents the necessary transport of the electrical impulse energy back to the earth connection of the electric fence when the animal touches the net. The earth conductor of the corresponding electronic net ensures good earthing even in dry conditions.