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Batteries (12 V)

  • For a reliable supply of your 12 V device or powerful 9 V electric fence.
  • Extremely low self-discharge and high cycle stability
  • Quality Made in Germany

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horizont Special battery solar 63 Ah /12 V

  • Extremely low self discharge
  • High cycle stability
  • Filled with battery acid
  • The 12 V special battery from horizont is designed for the low current flow of electric fencing equipment and is therefore - in contrast to conventional car starter batteries - optimally suited for the power supply of electric fencing equipment

horizont 12 Volt special battery 100 Ah / 12 V

  • Extremely low self discharge
  • High cycle stability
  • Dry preloaded
  • Extremely high service life

horizont Super fleece battery 12 V / 12 Ah

  • Suitable for all 9 / 12 V battery pasture fencers
  • horizont Super-fleece batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Position-independent

horizont 12 V battery super fleece | 27 Ah

  • Suitable for: All 9 / 12 V battery-powered electric fencers
  • The horizont super-fleece batteries have an extremely low self-discharge. When not in use, regular recharging of e.g. 2 months is nevertheless recommended
  • Maintenance-free
  • Location-independent

horizont Lead gel battery 12 V / 80 Ah

  • Extremely low self discharge
  • High cycle stability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Scope of delivery: incl. connection cable Super fleece battery (90439C)
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horizont Electric fence batteries - the proven energy source for your 12 volt electric fence

Topic overview

Our horizont electric fence batteries at a glance

In general, we distinguish between two battery types in our range:

12 V special battery and 12 V super-fleece battery.

The special batteries from horizont are supplied filled with acid. Solid, level ground is recommended when using this type of battery to avoid acid leakage.

Our super-fleece batteries are absolutely maintenance-free and are delivered ready for use. They are completely sealed and the silicic acid is bound inside the fleece. This means that there is no risk of liquids leaking and the battery can be used universally and in any position. There is no need to fill up with battery acid here.

Why is a conventional car battery not suitable for operating electric fencers?

For optimal functionality, pasture fencing devices require low current flows. Conventional car starter batteries are not suitable for operating electric fencers for precisely this reason - they are designed for a particularly large current flow. Due to the low current flow required by the electric fence, car batteries would be heavily stressed and their service life enormously shortened. They also have a high self-discharge rate and are only cycle-resistant to a limited extent, i.e. they are not particularly designed for constant charging and discharging.

The efficient solution:horizont 12 V batteries

  • Designed for low current flow
  • High cycle stability and service life

What can you do to ensure a particularly long service life for your electric fence battery?

  • Batteries should be recharged in good time. Deep discharge can cause permanent damage or even destroy the battery.
  • Electric fence batteries should always be fully charged, but not overcharged. Automatic chargers, which you can find in our online range, ensure reliable and gentle charging of the battery and automatically switch to charge maintenance mode.
  • For special batteries with acid content, the acid level should be checked every 4 weeks and topped up if necessary.
  • Batteries should be stored at room temperature before and after each use and recharged at least every two months.

What accessories are recommended?

  • Chargers - To avoid damage, recommended chargers should be used.

  • Equipment boxes - Especially recommended for special batteries (with acid filling): Ensure level ground, as well as theft protection for battery and electric fence unit.

  • Solar panel - For particularly sustainable battery use and less battery recharging.