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Fence Testers & measuring devices

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horizont turbomax® fence scout II

  • 3 in 1 meter for fence voltage + amperage + fault finder
  • Delivery includes battery and practical belt pouch
  • Measuring range up to 10,000 V
  • Display of the current flow direction on the fence

horizont Fence tracer ranger®

  • Digital display for an exact reading of the voltage
  • Delivery includes battery
  • Device switches on automatically when connected to fence voltage
  • Grip insulation of the earth pile enables safe operation

horizont Fence Tester ISOTESTER 6000

  • Operation without battery
  • Uncomplicated and fast
  • Fence voltage display in three levels: 2,000 V, 4,000 V and 6,000 V

horizont "trapper® 6 Light" fence tester

  • 6 recessed glow lamps for ideal readability - even in strong light conditions
  • Operation without battery!
  • Grip insulation of the earth pile - additional safety during operation
  • Cable can be wrapped around the fence tester when not in use - easy handling and additional protection against damage

horizont fence tester neon light

  • In the design of a neon lamp with LED
  • The neon light shows the user if his fence is working properly
  • It lights up in time with the current pulses and goes out under 2000 V fence voltage
  • Additional deterrent for game fences
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