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Camping fence

Camping fences are the ideal solution to protect your campsite from unwanted guests. With camping fences, your animals are optimally protected. Depending on your needs, you will find the right fence here to ensure an undisturbed camping stay.

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FIX perimeter fence | 90 cm high | 25 m long

  • Garden, campsite or to protect your flower beds - ideal for fencing in areas or can be used as a boundary.
  • 15 integrated fibreglass stakes provide stability - Stakes are equipped with stable single tip
  • Erecting and dismantling the fence is uncomplicated - integrated step makes it easy to insert posts into the ground
  • With the fence you can also fence in your pets - no more four-legged friends running away

FLEX perimeter fence | 90 cm high | 15 m long

  • Spacing of the piles freely selectable
  • Can be shortened at any point
  • Ideal for gardening, camping or protecting your flower beds
  • Fibreglass stakes with tread and single point

90cm Tor für Begrenzungszaun

  • For pasture fence nets up to 90cm high
  • Quick and safe access to your pasture area
  • Ideal for boundary fences in the garden and camping area
  • Breakout-proof protection thanks to smaller mesh size in the lower net area

FLEX perimeter fence | 90 cm high | 25 m long

  • Ideal for gardening, camping or protecting your flower beds
  • Spacing of the piles freely selectable
  • 2 clip insulators per pole - attach the net to the head insulator as well as to the clip insulators.
  • Net can be pushed upwards by clip insulators for e.g. mowing work

Hotgate gate for pasture fence net, 110cm, for nets from 90 to 105cm height, can be electrified

  • For pasture fence nets up to 110 cm high
  • Quick and safe passage to your pasture area
  • Delivery includes connection accessories
  • Breakout-proof protection thanks to smaller mesh size in the lower net area
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Camping fence for a carefree holiday

A mobile camping fence is the ideal solution when camping to protect and fence in your beloved four-legged friend and prevent other campers from running through your area. However, before buying a fence, it is important to check what rules and regulations your campsite has regarding fencing.

What should be considered?

Before buying a fence, check with your campsite how much space you have to choose the right length of dog fence. Depending on the type of dog, you should also make sure that the fence is sturdy enough and will not topple over should your dog lean on the fence or even try to jump over it. There should also be enough pegs and fence posts to ensure stability. The right quality plays an essential role. Place particular emphasis on high-quality workmanship so that you have the longest possible service life and your dog and other people cannot injure themselves on the fence.

What are the advantages of a camping fence?

  • demarcation of an area

  • Durable and weatherproof

  • Easy to assemble

  • Flexible handling

  • Low weight

Camping fence for small dogs and puppies - which fence is suitable?

Smaller dogs and puppies generally do not need a fence like large dogs. A flat mobile fence as a plug-in fence is already sufficient. You can use several free-range enclosures for rabbits as a fence and build it around your mobile home or caravan. Rabbit nets are ideal for camping as they are particularly space-saving and available in different lengths, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Camping fence for large dogs - which fence is suitable?

Large dogs need a boundary fence or a mobile dog fence. A simple rabbit net is not sufficient in this case. The mobile dog fence is also particularly space-saving and you can change the fenced-off area at any time, so you can remain flexible on your camping holiday.

What material do camping fences have?

When buying a dog fence, pay attention to the density and strength. After all, your four-legged friend should not be able to knock down the fence structure around their caravan or tent. A distinction is made between metal and plastic. Metal fences are more robust and particularly weatherproof, but more expensive to buy. Plastic fences, on the other hand, are cheaper, but not as robust as metal fences. They can also fade over time if exposed to strong sunlight.

How high should the camping fence be?

The height of the fence needs to be adjusted individually. Depending on the pet, you will need a different height. As a rule of thumb, remember that a dog's fence should be at least three times as high as the dog itself. For a puppy run, on the other hand, 30 cm to 60 cm is sufficient.

How long does the camping fence have to be?

First of all, you have the choice between a fence length of 15 m to 50 m, but it is not possible to determine in general what length the fence should have. Before purchasing, you should therefore ask yourself the following questions:

  • How large are your property areas?
  • How much space does your dog need?

Why horizont?

At horizont you have a wide range of different boundary or mobile fences that offer optimal protection for your four-legged friend. Our products are ideally suited for outdoor use. In addition, easy handling is guaranteed, which facilitates assembly and dismantling. You will find the right fence for any pet to ensure a carefree camping holiday.