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Battery energisers 12 V

12V electric fencers, also called battery-powered devices, are operated with a rechargeable battery that feeds the power into the fence system.

Their versatility, durability and performance, as well as their independence from mains power, make 12V electric fencers a must-have product for mobile grazing.

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horizont 12 V / 230 V electric fence - turbomax® AN800

  • Premium pasture fence unit for extremely long fences up to 55 km
  • 12 joules input / 8 joules and 12,500 volts voltage
  • The innovative turbomax technology reliably supplies the fence with fence loads above 500 Ohm
  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation for uninterrupted operation

horizont 12 V electric fence - hotshock® A300

  • Best suited for large sheep pastures with fence length up to 30 km
  • Maximum voltage 11,000 volts, 4 joules input, 3 joules output
  • Special pulse shape for difficult herding situations
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals as well as for difficult defense situations such as game defense

horizont 9 V / 12 V solar electric fence - trapper® AB15 - action device

  • Including solar panel, battery and connection cable
  • Convenient battery indicator for accurate information about battery status
  • Suitable for small and simple fence installations
  • Ready for use immediately

horizont 12 V / 230 V electric fence - hotshock® AN490

  • Deep discharge cut-off - effectively protects your battery
  • Made of high quality plastic (PC) - UV-stabilized, splash-proof and oil-resistant.
  • Energy Control (display of battery/accumulator power)
  • 6-step display to control the fence voltage

horizont 9 V / 12 V / 230 V electric fence - ranger® AN3000

  • Professional pasture fencer for extremely long fences up to 20 km
  • 10,500 V maximum voltage, 3.5 joules input / 3 joules output
  • The 6-mode functions ensure additional energy savings, more efficiency and lower operating costs
  • Ideal for upscale and dry soils. Suitable for grazing animals such as cattle or horses.
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12V electric fencers - mobile and versatile

Topic Overview

What are the advantages of a 12V electric fence?

In general, 12V electric fencers are versatile and particularly durable.

The battery-operated electric fencers, which are designed according to high technical standards, work very effectively and are nevertheless economical in terms of energy consumption despite their high performance.

Another great advantage of 12V electric fencers is their mobile use, as the fact that the electric fence is not dependent on a mains connection means that it can also be used on remote pastures or for mobile fences without any problems.

The majority of our battery models can also be combined with a solar panel to save energy.

Compared to a 9 V battery device, a battery-powered 12V electric fence device stands out in an ecologically positive way: batteries have to be disposed of after they are completely discharged, while a rechargeable battery is recharged and reused.

For what purpose is a 12V electric fence suitable?

A 12-volt electric fence can easily supply power to medium to long fence systems. So much energy can be drawn from large-capacity batteries that, for example, our turbomax professional range of electric fencers can provide up to 8 joules of output energy for your fence, enabling fence lengths of 21 km (with medium vegetation) to be achieved.

Also, if you want to fence robust or hard to herd animals, a battery unit is always a good choice if no mains connection is available and therefore no mains unit is an option. A 9-volt battery unit can sometimes not provide enough power for increased demands.

For frequently changing pastures, paddocks or use at tournaments, your electric fence must be designed for mobile purposes, as a mains connection is not always available - 12V electric fences are the right choice for this.

Power supply - What options are there?

As the name suggests, 12V electric fencers can be powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery. You also have the option of equipping your electric fence with a solar panel to recharge the battery in a labour-saving and environmentally friendly way. In addition to the aspect of sustainability, the use of a solar panel is also very cost-saving: you neither incur electricity costs due to ongoing battery recharging, nor do you need a replacement battery during the recharging periods. The use of a 12 V electric fence including a solar panel therefore also requires considerably less maintenance.

In addition to the option of being operated via a battery, our combi devices also have the option of being connected to a mains supply. However, only one power supply can be selected at a time.

12 volt electric fencers with the dual function can be connected to 12 volts and 230 volts. If mains power is available, the unit runs primarily on 230 V. If this is not available, the unit switches to 230 V. If this is not available, it switches to battery operation.

Important: If your 12V electric fence is operated exclusively on battery power, remember to take an exchangeable battery so that you can continue to supply your electric fence with power from a second battery during the charging phases.

What accessories do I need to use a 12 volt electric fence?

  • Electric fence battery including connection accessories

Batteries specially designed for 12V electric fencers guarantee optimum function and a long service life. Choose between special and super-fleece batteries in our online range.

  • Solar module - for upgrading to solar operation
  • Charger for the electric fence battery
  • Carrying and security boxes - for reliable protection against weather and theft

In which cases is a battery-powered electric fence not suitable for you? - We offer alternatives!

If you do not have the capacity to maintain your fence on an ongoing basis and therefore need to charge and replace your battery every 2-4 weeks, a 12 volt electric fence may not be the right model for you.

If you have a 230V mains connection, you have the option of using a power supply unit.

Alternatively, you can add a solar panel. Maintenance work in the form of recharging the battery is no longer necessary thanks to solar energy.

Another option as an alternative for a 12V electric fence would be to choose a 9V battery device. However, these devices have a somewhat weaker output and should be chosen for shorter fences with lower requirements.