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Innovation 2021: The world's first electric fencing system made of bio-based plastic

horizont wants to take another step towards more sustainable production and surprises the market with a bio-based electric fencing housing.

Exclusively with us: Those who think horizont(al) will find a vertical solution!

Not new, but still exclusive to horizont is the "Sheep and Goat Net Vertical" from our electric fence range. Thanks to its additional vertical current conduction, it is one of the safest nets on the market - and we tell you why.

Fence testing made easy: Your fence routine with equipment from horizont

With the new fence tester farmer® horizont launches a small and handily fence tester on the market which, thanks to its LED display, quickly and reliably informs about the condition of the electric fence. However, this requires the right technology and good handling.

Plastic post ranger®: A post where everything really falls by the wayside

Weight, stability and comfort: In all three areas, our new plastic stake of the ranger® series scores with its even lighter, even more stable and intuitive design.

The powerful single fighter among the battery-powered solar devices: The ranger® AS

The devices of the new ranger® AS series combine state-of-the-art solar technology with a powerful 12V/34 Ah battery and are therefore the most powerful self-sufficient electric fencers on the market with the best price-performance ratio.

Tradition meets innovation: horinetz 2.0. offers even more safety for pasture animals

As one of the most conductive nets on the market, horinetz high energy, the youngest member of the horiznetz family, offers the best conditions for high-performance fencing systems with sophisticated requirements.


Range expansion for poultry farming

The range of products available at horizont Animal Care for poultry farming is very interesting, especially for hobby farmers. In order to make this product range at horizont even more attractive and also to take into account the great interest of customers, the range will be expanded with new products in 2020. Poultry farmers will find the right product for every need at horizont and can always rely on the best quality.

happy feeder - Sucking aid for calves

Some calves start to drink but keep letting go of the teat and it is very time-consuming to look after these calves in the early stages of calf rearing. The new suckling aid for calves happy feeder helps to overcome this problem. It is suitable for every farm that waters its calves from the beginning via a bottle or a drinking bucket with a teat. In addition, horizont uses a flexible plastic in the production with a good durability of the material, so that the happy feeder can be used again and again when rearing calves.

Range expansion with high-quality electric fencing equipment

The right electric fencer for all applications for more safety on the pastures - that is the claim horizont has with regard to its range of electric fencers. For the coming grazing season, the company offers two optimised devices as well as a new device to complement the existing range.

Conductor material for hobby farming

New to the horizont pasture fencing range this year are conductor materials from the trapper series, which are ideal as entry-level products for small, simple fencing systems. With the two new tapes and the rope, the horizont range is optimally complemented in the area of ladder materials, as this has expanded the range for hobby fence farmers and thus the products suitable for their purposes have been extended.

Energy-efficient solar panels with plastic frame

Environmentally friendly energy generation is more important than ever in times of climate change. horizont offers the possibility to use the sun as a cost-effective energy supplier with the new solar panels with proven and advanced technology. With the new solar panels, the stable frame made of plastic ensures long durability even with intensive use. Compared to the conventional panels made of glass with an aluminium frame, these new panels are light and handy and much more suitable for rough use in agriculture, as they are less likely to be damaged.


horizont guide for pasture in autumn

With the advice page and a electric fence diary, horizont provides livestock farmers with useful assistance to ensure the herding safety of their pastures. The documentation of the fence condition as well as the extension and portioning of the pasture areas in autumn are supported by suitable products from the range. In addition, horizont offers a helpful video with instructions on how to dismantle the fence before winter starts.

Luda FenceAlarm test purchase action

As a distribution partner of the Swedish manufacturer Luda.Farm, horizont offers the Luda.FenceAlarm electric fence monitoring system. Just in time for the start of the pasture season, the Luda.FenceAlarm is exclusively available to test buyers with a price advantage of over 20 percent.

Cooperation between horizont and UKAL Elevage

The horizont group GmbH and UKAL ELEVAGE (Eschbach, France) officially agreed on a strategic cooperation on an international level on 15 January 2019. This agreement covers the areas of distribution, sales and production. For both companies, the cooperation is an important step towards expanding their joint market share and positioning themselves well for the future.


Construction of new hall for 6 million euros

Since October 2018, horizont has been building a new production hall for the Traffic Safety Division in Korbach at a cost of around 6 million euros. Among other things, warning beacons made of plastic will be manufactured there using the blow extrusion process. The hall is 13.5 metres high to accommodate the extrusion machine, which is around 9.5 metres high. The investment at our headquarters in Korbach contributes to securing jobs and the location.

Trend Report 2018 on safety on the pasture

Pasture fences are an often unrecognised liability risk for animal owners. "Although cattle, sheep and horses escape from pastures time and again, resulting in accidents, some of them serious, the safety of pasture fences is still not given special attention in many places. Many of the installed pasture fences are not as safe as they could be and, above all, as they should be."

Strong net protects sheep from the wolf

At EuroTier 2018, horizont presents the new herd protection net "turbomax high energy" for wolf defence in sheep and goat husbandry. The net, designed as a sheep knot net, has rigid vertical struts, ensuring high stability and adaptation to the ground even on uneven terrain.

Robust calf feeding bucket and feeding bucket

At EuroTier 2018, horizont will present the new calf feeder bucket "powerfeed" and the new feeding bucket "flex snack", which will make daily work easier for livestock farmers from now on. Both feeding aids are made of particularly robust and durable HDPE plastic. The material is impact and cold resistant and thus withstands winter weather as well as the most impatient animals.

Luda.Fence – Monitoring your electric fence

As the exclusive German partner of Luda.Farm, horizont Animal Care will in future also distribute the new Luda.Fence pasture fence sensor. After several years of intensive development, the new Luda pasture fence sensor was presented, which supports the farmer in keeping the animals within the fence.

Young Farmers‘ Day 2018 – a resounding success

On 30 May 2018, the first Young Farmers' Day 2018 as part of the Hessentag took place in Korbach. horizont, Weidemann and the Waldeck-Frankenberg District Farmers' Association invited young farmers on this day to provide information on the topic of social media in agriculture.

horizont at the Düsser Milchviehtage

The Düsser Milchviehtage 2018 will take place on 21 and 22 February at Haus Düsse near Bad Sassendorf. Under the slogan "SIMPLE to do - simple to MAKE", practical and easy-to-implement solutions for individual topics will be presented. horizont Animal Care will present the latest product highlights from the animal breeding sector in Hall I / C 2.

Trainees continue winning series

The trainee team of horizont group gmbh in Korbach was jubilant at the House of Wirtschaft Hessen in Frankfurt. For the third time in succession, the trainees convinced with their competition entry and brought gold to Korbach. In the category "Administration and Human Resources Management", the horizont team with Kübra Gölcük, Colin Chotzko, Sabrina Heidl, Nils Grosche and supervisor Guido Kersting won with the project "Research Workshop".

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