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Earthing & accessories

For the safe commissioning of the pasture fence, you will find the right accessories in our online shop. From control devices for earth measurement to earth cables and earth stakes.

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Flood Gate Controller x 10

  • Reliably throttles the power supply in case of flooding
  • High safety for your animals even at high water levels

horizont Fence tester farmer®

  • with 10-stage LED control display (10 recessed LEDs) - very good readability even with strong light incidence
  • Recessed button prevents unintentional operation
  • No grounding via a grounding cable necessary
  • Battery check indicator

horizont turbomax® fence scout II

  • 3 in 1 meter for fence voltage + amperage + fault finder
  • Delivery includes battery and practical belt pouch
  • Measuring range up to 10,000 V
  • Display of the current flow direction on the fence

horizont Fence tracer ranger®

  • Digital display for an exact reading of the voltage
  • Delivery includes battery
  • Device switches on automatically when connected to fence voltage
  • Grip insulation of the earth pile enables safe operation

horizont Fence Tester ISOTESTER 6000

  • Operation without battery
  • Uncomplicated and fast
  • Fence voltage display in three levels: 2,000 V, 4,000 V and 6,000 V
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