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Cattle prods & pig brakes

Facilitates leading and guiding for animal and animal owner!

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Cattle prod Hot Shot Plus

  • 5.000 V maximum voltage
  • with highly effective electric shocks
  • in accordance with the Ordinance on the Keeping of Animals for Farming Purposes
  • Can be combined with various extension rods

Cattle prod Hot-Shot Plus | blue

  • Very robust
  • Compact
  • Efficient and powerful, even with wet animals
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A cattle prod is a tool used by ranchers and farmers to control or guide cattle, pigs and other livestock. The cattle prod consists of a long, flexible shaft with an electrically charged tip at the end that emits an electrical impulse when it comes into contact with the animal. These impulses are unpleasant for the animal, but not painful or dangerous.

The cattle prod is usually used to guide or control animals by directing them in the desired direction with gentle pressure or short electrical impulses. It can also be used for emergency defence to keep aggressive animals at a distance.

A pig brake is a special type of cattle prod designed for pigs. It has a flat plate instead of a point so as not to injure or shock the pig. The pig brake is usually used to herd, guide or control pigs.

It is important to use drovers and pig brakes only responsibly and under veterinary supervision to avoid unnecessary stress or pain to the animals. They should only be considered as a last resort when other, less restrictive methods are not sufficient.