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Drinkers for poultry

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Plastic poultry drinker SMART (12 L)

  • High-quality, UV-resistant plastic
  • Effective protection against contamination and resulting diseases
  • Uncomplicated wall mounting and cleaning
  • Including rain cover and mounting hardware

Chicken drinker CLEAN | recycled plastic (3 litres)

  • Steady
  • Hygienic thanks to easy cleaning
  • Suitable for suspension
  • Saves resources and protects the environment - 100% recycled materials

Plastic drinker for chickens

  • High quality plastic
  • Robust
  • Easy cleaning for good hygiene

Metal chicken drinker | epoxy coated | gray

  • Robust and weather resistant
  • Long service life thanks to highest quality
  • Uncomplicated refilling thanks to filling valve
  • Easy cleaning

  • White top reduces algae formation in the water
  • Easy filling without inverting
  • Made of impact and break resistant plastic
Number of articles per page