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Wir freuen uns, dass Sie ein neues Weidezaungerät von horizont gekauft haben und damit die Sicherheit Ihrer Tiere gewährleistet ist.

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Als einmaligen Service bieten wir Ihnen eine Verlängerung der standardmäßigen Garantie um 1 Jahr an – registrieren Sie Ihr Weidezaungerät dafür einfach über das folgende Formular!

Nach Registrierung bekommen Sie zusätzlich zur eigentlichen Garantie eine Garantieverlängerung von 1 Jahr geschenkt. Sie können sich bis spätestens 3 Monate nach dem Kaufdatum registrieren. Liegt das Kaufdatum Ihres Weidezaungeräts länger als 3 Monate zurück, ist Ihre Registrierung ungültig und es besteht kein Anspruch auf eine Garantieverlängerung.

  • Die Garantieverlängerung ist gültig, wenn alle geltenden Aktionsbedingungen erfüllt sind.
  • Die Möglichkeit der Garantieverlängerung besteht für alle horizont Weidezaungeräte.

Achtung: Ihr Anspruch auf eine zusätzliche Garantie von 1 Jahr wird nur dann gewährt, wenn Sie Ihren Kaufbeleg und den Nachweis der Registrierung vorlegen können und wenn die Aktionsbedingungen erfüllt sind.

Terms of action

for warranty extension of the electric fencing equipment

How long do I have time to register my electric fence?

You can claim an extension of your electric fence's warranty online via the registration form up to a maximum of three months after purchasing the product.

When can I claim the additional guarantee?

The additional guarantee of 1 year is granted if the proof of purchase and a valid registration for the extension can be presented. Please enclose both with the defective unit as soon as you send it in for repair. Attention: Lightning, water, oxidation and acid damage are excluded from the warranty!

What effect does my registration have on the warranty extension?

As soon as you have registered for the extension of the warranty of your electric fence and this registration is valid, your horizont electric fence will have an additional warranty of 1 year in addition to the standard valid warranty that you will find on the box of the product. Within this period you can send your unit to us for repair free of charge. If necessary, a loan unit can also be provided as a replacement for the respective product. Please ensure that you provide your full address when sending in the product.

Repair service:

horizont group gmbh
Repair service
Am Ziegelgrund 36
34497 Korbach

Which countries participate in the warranty extension campaign?

No matter in which country you purchased your horizont electric fence, you can register your product for a warranty extension free of charge. This action is thus valid worldwide. On presentation of your proof of purchase and proof of registration, you will be granted this additional warranty in case of repair.

Where can I find the serial number of my electric fence?

The serial number of your electric fence can be found directly on your product on a separate sticker on the back or side of the electric fence along with other technical information. Depending on the product, the number is placed similarly, as can be seen in the picture. Please enter the serial number in the form above to register the unit for a warranty extension.

Important note

to register for the warranty extension

Submit proof of purchase - take a photo!

As soon as you have bought your horizont electric fence and registered for the extended warranty, take a photo of your receipt. The text on the receipt may fade after a few years and therefore no longer be legible. If you want to claim on the warranty, you must be able to present the clearly legible proof of purchase and the proof of registration that you receive after registering your electric fence online. With a photo, you are therefore on the safe side.

Still no electric fence?

We have the right device for your individual requirements!

To keep your animals safely fenced in the pasture, you have the choice between different devices for different requirements.

Take a look directly at our website and ask your local dealer for advice.

Do you have any further questions about our products or about the warranty extension? We will be happy to advise you:

Service centre Animal Care 

Phone: +49 (0) 5631 565 100

E-mail: animal-care@horizont.com

Our team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to answer any questions you may have about repairs.