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horizont is a group of companies with locations in several European countries. We export our products to over 50 countries worldwide. The central distribution and logistics are carried out from Korbach, in the heart of Germany. The horizont group consists of a network of companies, every one a specialist in their respective field of business.

Being one of the world's largest manufacturers for the entire product portfolio around the electric fencing, we produce safety products for agriculture and for mobile traffic control technology in several factories with almost 550 employees. The safety and reliability of the products is always in the foreground for horizont as a manufacturer.

Around 400 different types of devices leave our factory in Korbach by thousands every year and represent the horizont brand worldwide. For more than 75 years the name horizont stands for best quality.

Almost the entire range of accessories, such as fencing material and the insulation products, such as insulators, gate handles or posts, are manufactured in the horizont group's own factories in Europe. Also here it is important to ensure the quality of the products at any time and to bring new products and innovations to the market.

In addition to the pasture fencing products, horizont carries a huge range of livestock products, partly from its own production, and a range of equestrian products, true to the motto " Life with the animal".


Why the name "horizont"?

Every pilot knows it: the artificial horizon in the aircraft cockpit.

Electrical engineer Dr Heinz Müller was part of the development team that created the technical standard at the time. Later, when he was looking for a new challenge and founded his own company in 1945, he named it "horizont" in memory of the invention.

Premium Quality

Since the company was founded over 75 years ago, the horizont brand has stood for premium quality as a medium-sized company. Our innovative products are developed according to the latest technical standards. Many production steps for the manufacture of electronic components and almost all plastic products take place in our production facilities in Germany.

1945 Foundation

> 550 Employees worldwide

~ 30 Trainees

6 Locations worldwide

> 40.000 m² Production and storage area