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Sheep netting

  • Buy high-quality sheep nets conveniently online
  • Different designs and different heights for your individual requirements
  • We offer the sheep fence complete set including stable stakes and repair kit

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horizont Sheep net horinetz | 90 cm high | 50 m long | single tip | electrified

  • high quality and stable
  • Easily visible in the twilight
  • perfectly suitable for sheep farming
  • 14 high-quality stakes guarantee stable stand

horizont Sheep net horinetz | 90 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrified

  • Perfectly suited for sheep farming
  • High quality and stable
  • Easily visible in the twilight
  • Safe stand

horizont Sheep net horinetz | 90 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrified

  • Good conductivity and extremely durable
  • High load capacity due to reinforced strands
  • A horizont bestseller for decades
  • Scope of delivery includes a free repair kit

Sheep-90-Fbround-E, single, 50

  • 14 very stable fibreglass poles
  • Perfectly suited for sheep farming
  • The net can be electrified to repel predators and prevent outbreaks
  • Reinforced top strand, welded knot points and stable double toe ensure better grip even in demanding ground conditions

horizont Sheep net turbomax high energy plus earth with grounding conductor | 105 cm high | 50 m long | double tip | electrifiable

  • Additional ground conductor ensures good grounding even in dry conditions
  • Small game can slip through the larger mesh spacing on the ground and is thus protected
  • Recommended by the Landesschafzuchtverband Baden-Württemberg
  • Well suited for use on uneven terrain
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Why buy special fencing for sheep?

Topic overview

Sheep and their characteristics

What distinguishes sheep and goats from other grazing animals?

To fence a sheep or goat pasture, it is necessary to buy a fence specially adapted to the needs and characteristics of sheep and goats. So, in order to let your animals graze safely in the pasture, you need a special sheep fence or sheep net. Because of these two characteristics of sheep, you should choose a sheep net:

1. sheep are by their nature quite stubborn and very freedom-loving. This means that, unlike other farm animals, they feel a more pronounced instinct for freedom . For this reason, it often happens that flocks of sheep take flight and climb the fence without a proper sheep fence. This consequently poses a danger to the animals and the environment. 2.

2. because sheep have dense, thick and long wool, they are well protected from external influences. Compared to other grazing animals such as horses or cows, sheep have a higher tolerance to electric shocks from electric fences. So if sheep are fenced in with a horse or cattle fence, the herding safety for the flock is lower. Without a special sheep electric fence in combination with a suitable pasture fencing device, your sheep are not fenced in securely enough. The risk of the animals escaping is many times higher than with a special sheep net.

Similar risks also exist for goats, which with their long fur are also less sensitive to electric shocks.

Functionality and advantages of a sheep/goat net

How does a sheep net/goat net work and what are the advantages?

If you want to buy a fence net for sheep or goats, you should know in advance what advantages it brings with it. Sheep nets promise greater herding security compared to sheep fences:

The sheep net/goat net

  • combines the mechanical barrier with the electronic deterrent excellently, so that the close-meshed electronic net is difficult to overcome(even for small sheep and lambs)
  • distributes the ladder and tension evenly
  • can be easily set up and dismantled
  • is mobile if desired
  • can be shortened in length
  • is intended for large pastures and can be used on uneven meadows
  • can also be used as a mobile fence, in contrast to sheep fences.

However, other animals such as cattle or horses should not be fenced in with a sheep net. Here, you should specifically consider the needs and characteristics of the respective animal species.

By connecting the sheep net to a pasture fencing device, the current-carrying strands are supplied with energy. As soon as a sheep touches the net, the circuit closes and the animal receives a short electrical impulse. The upper and lower strands of all horizont sheep nets are separately reinforced. The nets therefore have a secure stand and are less susceptible to wind than conventional electronic nets. The herding nets are made of hard-wearing and particularly durable materials, ensuring the safety of your animals.

The right sheep/goat net for you

Which sheep net is right for you?

Sheep and goat nets are available in different lengths and heights as well as in different quality levels and functionalities.

The choice of length depends on the size of your flock and the pasture available. Small nets (25m) are usually sufficient for small to medium sized flocks. For a larger flock of sheep, you have the option of simply connecting several nets together or buying a longer electronic net.

The standard height of the net is 90 cm. It is so high that it cannot be jumped over by a sheep. Depending on the flock and breed, a height of 90 cm, 105 cm or 120 cm may be the optimal choice.

In the ground, the practical fences are anchored with a single or double spike. Here we recommend buying nets with a double spike. The double spike provides increased stability, which is an advantage in stronger gusts of wind or in case of contact. In addition, a net with a double tip is easier to erect, as it is easier to kick the fence into the ground when attaching it than a single tip.

Accessories for a sheep net/goat net

What pasture fence accessories do I need for a sheep net/goat net?

In order to be able to put your sheep or goat net under power, you need a suitable pasture fencing device. In addition, an earth stake is required for earthing the electric fence. To make it clear that the net is under power, you should also mount a warning sign on the fence.

Otherwise, all the parts of the horizont sheep and goat nets that you need to fence in your grazing animals properly are included in the delivery.

Buy sheep netting online at horizont Animal Care

horizont offers a wide range of high-quality sheep nets and sheep fences. The nets come in a variety of designs and heights to provide the right solution for your requirements.

The horizont nets are made of high-quality conductors and resistant materials. Thanks to the stainless steel and copper conductors, the nets promise long durability and high conductivity. In order for the nets to fulfil their full guarding function, they should be combined with a suitable pasture fencing device. This will prevent the flock from escaping and at the same time keep wild animals from entering.

Individual sheep nets have been developed in cooperation with the Landesschafzuchtverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. and the Sächsischer Schaf- und Ziegenzuchtverband.

In our advice articleyou will find step-by-step instructions with helpful videos on how to successfully erect a sheep fence.