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Sheep clippers

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Heiniger XPERT 1-Speed Sheep Shearing Machine

  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Glass fiber reinforced housing
  • Patented shear system

Heiniger XTRA 1-Speed Sheep Shearing Machine

  • Patented shear system
  • Thermal overload switch
  • Solid and robust
  • Reduction of knife wear by up to 50%.

Heiniger Shearing Handle ICON FX | Mechanical Shearing Handle

  • Extremely light
  • Even slimmer handle
  • Optimal balance
  • Suitable for shearing systems EVO, ONE and systems from other manufacturers

Schurhandgriff ICON FX Worm

  • Low weight
  • Slim handle - maximum comfort
  • Easy handling thanks to perfect balance
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