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Mains energisers

Mains energisers are always the most reliable choice in case there is a power outlet available. They are an alternative to battery-powered fence energisers which can be used independently of mains power. They are characterized by high performance and provide the important herding security. The electrical energy is released in the form of a short shock pulse if the animal comes into contact with the fence. The energiser is connected to the mains and transmits the supplied energy to the electric fence system, guaranteeing a continuous power supply. Mains energisers are easy to handle and offer a high level of operating comfort.

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horizont 230 V electric fence - turbomax® N1430

  • Very strong pasture fence unit - ideal for fence lengths up to 85 km and highest demands
  • Maximum voltage 12,000 V, 25 joules input, 14.3 joules output
  • For increased guarding safety in the event of faults, the turbo effect emits a second pulse
  • The innovative turbomax technology reliably supplies the fence with fence loads above 500 Ohm

horizont ABN30GREEN Greenline 9 V / 12 V / 230 V pasture fencer

  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation
  • Energy Control - 3-stage LED display for battery capacity and activity of the device
  • 10,000 V voltage, 0.4 joules input / 0.3 joules output
  • Plug-in profile for ground rod in housing

horizont 230 V electric fence - hotshock® N500

  • Extra powerful pasture fence unit for robust animals and fence lengths up to 45 km
  • Maximum voltage 9,500 V, 6 joules input, 5 joules output
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals as well as for difficult defense situations such as game defense
  • Practical with two fence outputs - strong and extra strong

horizont 230 V electric fence - ranger® N420

  • Powerful pasture fence - ideal for extremely long fences up to 40 km
  • Maximum voltage 9,300 volts, 6 joules input, 4.2 joules output
  • Two fence exits for the operation of a large and a small pasture or paddock
  • Ideal for upscale and dry soils. Suitable for grazing animals such as cattle and horses.

horizont 230 V electric fence - farmer® N100

  • Top quality - Ideal for up to 10 km fence length
  • Maximum voltage 9,000 V, 1.5 Joule input, 1 Joule output
  • Effective pasture fencing device for normal operating conditions and calm grazing animals
  • High output voltage provides great herding safety
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