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Electric fence rope

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horizont Pasture fence rope turbomax® R6-PE | 6 mm

  • The TLDmax conductors provide the highest conductivities and ensure high current flow
  • High tensile strength for long outdoor use
  • 5 years warranty on UV resistance

horizont Pasture fence rope ranger® R6 | 6 mm

  • The high number of wires ensures a high current flow
  • Polyethylene threads with high tensile strength

horizont Pasture fence rope farmer® stretch W3 | 50 m | 8 mm

  • Elastic rope with electric conductors
  • Ideal for gate handle sets with rope

horizont Pasture fence rope farmer® R6 | 6 mm

  • Suitable for short fences and portion pastures with little vegetation
  • White: for more contrast to the surroundings and better visibility in twilight and darkness
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