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Since day one, horizont stands for innovative and future-oriented products. In addition to product innovations, there have also always been improvements in our production. You can find horizont's most exciting developments here!

Development of a new bio-based composite material

In a cooperative project with the University of Kassel, horizont developed a new bio-based composite material that we will be able to use in our plastic injection moulding in the future.

Turbo technology and delay since 2011

With the new horiSMART AN160 and N160, a double pulse enables a turbo that only kicks in after the safety span of almost 60 seconds, safely switching on or off every single pulse in the impulse.

Inmould technology since 2005

In our own injection moulding technology, the inmould technology is being used for the first time for electric fence equipment, making particularly durable labels possible for decades of use of electric fence equipment in outdoor applications.

Safety-relevant control of the pulse since 2005

With the horiSMART N200 Plus, a unique safety electric fence device has been created. The device can switch the energy on or off during the pulse, depending on the changed load.

Protective lacquer for electronics since 1998

After the PCB has been tested, it is coated on both sides in one process and then discharged hand-dry via a drying line. The applied thin film of lacquer protects against moisture, dust and contamination.

SMD technology since 1994

With the introduction of SMD technology in 1994 in PCB assembly, horizont was able to gain new experience. Since 1996, in addition to a considerable rationalisation effect, we have seen an improvement in the quality of our products.

Innovative birth detector as the first product miniaturised in SMD technology from 1990

Still an external development, "horilarm" goes into production as an innovative birth detector.

Turbo Shock Effect

Here the fence is also used as an energy store. When animals come into contact with the fence, it immediately discharges with a subsequent normal pulse, especially if the ground is very dry and not overgrown.

Turbotechnology since 1989

With the unique "turbo B", the turbo is "ignited" with a low impedance ( by contact with animals or vegetation), thus generating a high voltage, which then also enables the electric fence pulse to penetrate or kill vegetation.

Modular construction and special power-saving technology since 1982

The new electric fence unit "horimaster" offers a particularly service-friendly modular design and a unique power-saving technology. This power-saving technology with 4-fold efficiency is still groundbreaking today.

horifon ultrasonic units from 1979

This device was developed to acoustically repel harmful birds and had partially effective uses in the 1980s.

Polycarbonate plastic since 1968

With the expansion of the product range in traffic safety, the continuous use of high-quality and durable polycarbonate housings began. This also enables a mobile pasture fencing device to be used for decades.

Die-casting technology since 1962

Electric fence units with housings made of self-manufactured, high-quality and durable die-cast aluminium profile instead of housings made of sheet metal or gravity die-casting.

Electric fence units with maintenance-free dry batteries since 1950

With the invention of a special storage capacitor circuit by horizont, maintenance-free dry battery devices could be used for the first time, also for autonomous operation during a grazing period.