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Calf feeder bucket "powerfeed" and feeding trough "flex snack

Practical and safe feeding with robust bucket and practical trough

Press information horizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, 13 November 2018: At EuroTier2018, horizont will present the new calf feeder bucket "powerfeed" and the new feeding trough "flex snack", which make daily work easier for livestock farmers immediately. Both feeding aids are made of particularly robust and durable HDPE plastic. The material is impact and cold resistant and thus withstands winter weather as well as the most impatient animals.

Cracks and chipping of buckets and troughs are a thing of the past with this material. The "powerfeed" and the "flex snack" are very stable and usually survive impacts, falls or kicks from animals without damage. If, for example, the bucket is dented by an animal's footfall, it reshapes itself back into its original shape afterwards and can continue to be used and does not need to be replaced.


Another benefit of the material is its food safety. Because the stable plastic neither splinters nor emits harmful substances, there is a significantly lower risk of the animal ingesting residues through the plastic and these entering the food chain.

The new calf feeder bucket "powerfeed" made of HDPE will be presented at EuroTier exclusively in the colour red. The bucket will then be available in grey as well as in milky-transparent with a printed scale for optimal fill level control.

The food-safe "flex snack" feeding trough is designed for outdoor use in the pasture and at events. Thanks to its suspension device and a carrying handle, it can be used variably and can be moved between boxes in the stable, hooked onto the livestock or horse trailer or also used flexibly in the pasture, at tournaments and breeding events. In addition, the "flex snack" is extremely resistant to low temperatures. Its capacity is 14 litres.

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