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Herd protection net turbomax high energy features higher voltage

Press information horizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, 13 November 2018. horizont is presenting the new "turbomax high energy" herd protection net for wolf defence in sheep and goat farming at EuroTier 2018. The net, designed as a sheep knot net, has rigid vertical struts, ensuring high stability and adaptation to the ground even on uneven terrain.

The installed copper and stainless steel conductors ensure very good conductivity. Due to the optimised mesh spacing with four or five current-carrying horizontal strands, the voltage measured in practice is higher than with other tested nets. Practical experience shows that the turbomax-high-energy nets have significantly less voltage and power losses compared to conventional nets, even in tall grass.

The patented horizont herd protection net is offered in heights of 90 and 105 cm and is available in white. This net colour forms a good contrast to the background on the pasture, which leads to a significantly better perception by the animals to be herded. At the same time, the light colour also irritates wild animals such as deer and wild boar. This reduces the fence damage otherwise frequently caused by these animals. The larger meshes of the new turbomax high energy nets ensure better passage for small wild animals such as hedgehogs and frogs. These no longer get caught in the net so easily and are thus protected from electric shocks.


Winner in the practical test of the herd protection project

The turbomax high energy net variants were developed together with the State Sheep Breeders' Association Baden-Würtemberg. In a twelve-month herd protection project of the sheep breeding association and the nature conservation association of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the turbomax high energy nets from horizont have proven themselves in practical tests and were test winners. The easy handling and the high herd tension compared to other nets were particularly emphasised.

Another practical test

Currently, the turbomax high energy herd protection net is being tested in practice in a special configuration with an earth conductor. For the participating sheep farmers, this special net is, according to the first feedback, "the best support so far in dry soils and the sometimes unsolvable task of setting earth stakes in the necessary number and depth".

If these results are confirmed in further practical tests, this will be a great step forward in solving the earthing problem of nets in favour of an even better sheathing effect.

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