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Press informationhorizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, January 2019. horizont group GmbH (Korbach, Germany) and UKAL ELEVAGE (Eschbach, France) officially agreed a strategic cooperation on an international level on 15 January 2019. This agreement covers the areas of distribution, sales and production. For both companies, the cooperation is an important step towards expanding their joint market share and positioning themselves well for the future. In the future, customers will benefit from an expansion of the product range, shorter delivery times and optimised availability.


The cooperation was agreed on 15 January 2019 between the shareholders Steffen Müller (horizont) and Bruno Keiff (UKAL). The cooperation includes, among other things, global collaboration in the area of product distribution, which will provide customers with advantages in terms of delivery time, availability and in service and support services in the future. Through mutual participation and the pooling of sales and production competencies as well as the further development and strengthening of sales activities, the joint position in the European market is to be further expanded. Horizont and UKAL will expand their own product ranges and in future offer their customers a central supplier for the entire product portfolio in the field of animal husbandry and pasture fencing. In order to achieve results as quickly as possible and generate benefits for customers, it was agreed to merge the two sales organisations in the French market and appoint Bruno Keiff as Managing Director of horizont France with immediate effect.

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