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Fence monitoring system Luda.FenceAlarm

Checking your pasture safety easily with your smartphone

Press information horizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, March 2019. horizont group gmbh offers the Luda.FenceAlarm electric fence monitoring system as a sales partner of the Swedish manufacturer Luda.Farm. Just in time for the start of the grazing season, the Luda.FenceAlarm is exclusively available to test buyers with a price advantage of over 20 percent. Luda.FenceAlarm monitors the pasture fence around the clock, seven days a week, and reports voltage fluctuations immediately. The convenient monitoring system enables livestock farmers to check the pasture fence remotely in a simple, reliable and time-saving way.


2G network is already sufficient

If there are fence voltage fluctuations, you will be informed immediately via your smartphone. Luda.FenceAlarm works everywhere where a GSM network of at least 2G is available. The ALARM+ function informs with automatic alarms that can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients when voltage changes occur. With the My-Luda-Farm app, a graphical voltage curve can be displayed in addition to the notification of voltage fluctuations. This makes it easier to determine the cause of a voltage drop. A sudden voltage drop in the fence, for example, can indicate that animals have broken through, while a slow voltage drop is usually due to fouling. The transmission of the voltage value is operator-independent - the operator with the strongest signal is selected.

horizont is looking for test clients

Livestock farmers can now purchase the Luda.FenceAlarm as exclusive test clients. After successful registration on the horizont website, the device can be purchased at the special price of 189 euros. The test clients receive a price discount of more than 20 per cent. After a 90-day test period, all participants will evaluate the Luda.FenceAlarm and can contribute to product improvement. At the end of the test period, the Luda.FenceAlarm can be returned with a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. If the test client keeps the device, the use of the ALARM+ functions is free of charge for one year. After the first year, the FenceAlarm can continue to be used free of charge in the standard version or with the addition of the ALARM+ functions (€60/year).

How does Luda.FenceAlarm work?

The electric fence monitoring system can be connected to the fence at any point. The built-in rechargeable battery has a runtime of up to two months. Alternatively, the system can also be supplied with 220V. A free SIM card is built into the FenceAlarm, which transmits the voltage readings to the My.Luda.Farm app on the smartphone. The farmer checks the fence voltage in the app and thus saves an on-site test of the electric fence.

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