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Safe pastures in autumn

Advice page gives practical tips for safe pasture fencing in autumn

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Korbach, September 2019: With the guidebook page and a pasture fence diary, horizont provides animal owners with useful assistance to ensure the security of their pastures. From a legal point of view, every livestock owner who has a pasture fence in operation has the obligation to regularly check that it is functioning properly and to document this. Especially in autumn, however, there is a high probability that a pasture fence no longer functions properly because grass and weed growth, damage or other influences impair the function of the fence. Those who do not fulfil their duties here, do not remedy these problems or make mistakes in advance when putting up a pasture fence are possibly taking a big risk. If the animals escape, injure themselves or cause serious accidents on the road, animal owners risk claims for damages in these cases. Therefore, the colder season is a good opportunity to identify and repair any damage.


Pasture fence diary download for secure documentation

In the helpful online guide on the topic of "Pasture fencing in autumn", horizont provides many tips. On the website you will find, for example, information on how to check the safety of pasture fences, especially in autumn. In addition, this should be documented in the practical horizont pasture fence diary so that in case of emergency it can be proved that the duty of proper documentation has been fulfilled. This is also explicitly required by many insurers. For this purpose, a pasture fence diary is available for download on the horizont website, with the help of which the fence condition can be documented.

Serving and dismantling of the pastures

The advice page also provides tips about how to make pastures fit for autumn. It shows how the existing fencing material can be checked and, if necessary, repaired to ensure that animals can be kept safely in pastures. If the tips are implemented, then the animals can continue to be put out to pasture in the colder season with a clear conscience. In addition, horizont offers an overview of helpful products for expanding and portioning the pasture areas. This is especially important in autumn. From October onwards, the first fences are dismantled, so horizont also offers helpful instructions for this in the form of a video that helps you to carefully dismantle your fences and nets and stow them away until next spring.


Checklist for more safety

The checklist on the advice page guides the livestock owner systematically through the necessary test steps that should be carried out to check the function of the pasture fence. First of all, the possible problems of a pasture fence system are identified step by step:

  • Is the fence free of vegetation?
  • Is the earthing still in good condition?
  • Is the tension of the fence sufficiently high in all sections?

On the new advice page, horizont has listed typical sources of faults in a pasture fence and gives helpful tips on how to quickly fix these problems yourself.

With the help of the checklist for safe pastures in autumn, which horizont provides on its advice website, the necessary measures can be taken to guarantee the safety of the pasture. In addition, vivid instructions are provided in the "How-To" videos. For example, it is shown how to retighten a sagging band of a pasture fence. horizont appeals to all pasture fence owners to conscientiously carry out the regular checks - for the safety of humans and animals!

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