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Conductor material for hobby farming

Starter products for small pastures

Press information horizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, February 2020. New to the horizont electric fence range this year are conductor materials from the trapper series, which are ideal as starter products for small, simple fencing systems. With the two new tapes and the rope, the horizont range is optimally complemented in the area of conductor materials, as this has expanded the range for hobby fence keepers and thus the products suitable for their purposes have been extended.


trapper pasture fence tapes 10 and 20 mm wide

The new trapper T10-W and T20-W pasture fence tapes are particularly suitable for short fences and have a length of 250 metres. The conductor material is particularly durable and robust due to the use of stainless steel and is also UV-resistant.

trapper R4 Pasture fence rope - 4 mm wide

The 4 mm wide rope is suitable for the safe keeping of cattle, goats, sheep, dogs and cats and, with a length of 250 m, is especially optimal for short fences. Stainless steel is used in the pasture fence rope, which makes it particularly durable and reliably ensures the safety of the animals on the pastures.

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