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happy feeder –Suckling assistance for calves

Work made easier and time saved with new suction assistance

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Korbach, February 2020. Who doesn't know this? Some calves start to drink but keep letting go of the teat and it is very time-consuming to look after these calves in the early stages of calf rearing. The new suckling assistance for calves happy feeder helps to overcome this problem. It is suitable for every farm that waters its calves from the beginning via a bottle or a drinking bucket with a teat. In addition, horizont uses a flexible plastic in the production with a good durability of the material, so that the happy feeder can be used again and again when rearing calves.


Simple to use - great benefit

The happy feeder is simply attached to the standard valve of a calf feeder bucket, pressed firmly and ready to go! The diameter of the opening for attaching to the bucket is 4.6 cm and fits all standard calf feeder buckets. The natural shape of the suckling assistance makes it easier for calves to find the teat and stay drinking longer. Once the calf is sucking, the happy feeder simulates the cow's udder. The calf feels secure and does not stop drinking milk so quickly. It is important for the animals to drink quickly and sufficiently, especially in the first days of their lives. This reduces the risk of the calves drinking milk that has become cold and, as a result, possibly getting diarrhoea.

Development together with veterinarian for more animal care

Together with a veterinarian, horizont has developed the suckling assistance happy feeder with special attention to the animals' comfort. For animal farmers, the new happy feeder saves an enormous amount of time and therefore also money. They do not have to try again and again to get the calf to drink at the teat and therefore have less effort in looking after the youngest calves.


Experience report - How do farmers rate the happy feeder?

"We tested the happy feeder for the first time on a one-day-old calf, at the calf's second meal ever, and were positively surprised! At first, the calf didn't let go of the teat at all, as is usually the case. Only when it became fuller did it then wean a few times, but much less often than usual, which is a great labour-saver and time-saver for us." - The Lauter family, October 2019.

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