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Energy-efficient solar panels with plastic frame

Environmentally friendly energy generation with more stable panels

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Korbach, February 2020. environmentally friendly energy generation is more important than ever in times of climate change. horizont offers the possibility to use the sun as a cost-effective energy supplier with the new solar panels with proven and advanced technology. With the new solar panels, the stable frame made of plastic ensures long durability even with intensive use. Compared to conventional panels made of glass with an aluminium frame, these new panels are light and handy and much more suitable for rough agricultural use, as they are less likely to be damaged. The weight is kept as low as possible due to the lightweight construction of the solar panel.


Solar panels 20 and 30 Watt with plastic frame

The new solar panels with plastic frames are available with 20 and 30 watts and are equipped with monocrystalline solar panels. Due to the particularly light construction and the stable frame, the panel is handy and durable. In addition, the panel's size of 45 x 39 x 2.5 cm ensures that the battery is still fully charged even in poor or insufficient sunlight. The panels can be flexibly aligned at the appropriate angle to the sun. Thus, in summer in Germany, 45 degrees can be used, and when the sun is not so high in winter, the angle to the sun can be set steeper to increase efficiency. If the smooth surface is set at the right angle, it cleans itself through rain and snow. This means that the weatherproof solar panel can be used all year round. Optionally, both panels are also available with a stable holder made of polycarbonate.

Solar panel 2.5 Watt with plastic frame and swivelling holder

The new 2.5 Watt panel is also equipped with a frame made of durable plastic and is therefore handy and robust. The weatherproof solar panel can also be used all year round, as the panels can be ideally aligned at an angle to the sun via the stepless, swivelling holder. Depending on the season and the position of the sun, the angle of the solar panel can be flexibly adjusted. A large rechargeable battery also enables a longer runtime, even when the sun shines little. The smooth surface, set at the right angle, enables self-cleaning by rain or snow.


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