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Plastic post ranger®

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Korbach, February 2021. Weight, stability and comfort: In all three areas, our new plastic post of the ranger® series scores with its even lighter, even more stable and intuitive design.


The lightweight in his class

Wherever mobile grazing is an issue, plastic posts are usually not far away. The advantages are obvious. They are light, easy to transport and flexible to use. Unlike steel or wooden stakes, they do not have to be driven in, but can be set quickly and efficiently and covered with the desired ladder material. Especially because the poles are so popular, we do our utmost to constantly develop them further and optimise their user-friendliness.

Made for the challenges of everyday life

The result of these efforts is the new ranger® plastic posts. It comes in three standard heights of 71 cm, 108 cm and 138 cm and has a single or double step, depending on your choice.

This is equipped with an additional nose and optimised so that the pole does not twist when the soil nail enters. The additional ribs on the long sides also provide further stability and thus enable easy and back-friendly setting and tensioning of the post.
Thanks to this ingenious design, the stake uses less material, which not only makes it lighter, but also facilitates handling. Weight is also crucial for transport, but not alone: the interlocking fits on the long sides of the posts prevent the typical post chaos in the boot or on the loading area and offer the possibility for safe and space-saving transport.


The long range is his discipline

Like all his siblings, the ranger® plastic post is also a stretch post. This means that it can only play to its strengths when it has a strong corner post at its side. Unlike line posts, corner posts and goal posts take up a lot of tension. Unlike our wooden or recycled posts, plastic posts cannot absorb the high tensile forces and are therefore unsuitable for this application. However, to make tensioning easier, especially in large areas with many line posts, the insulators of our ranger® posts are numbered. This way you can find the right insulator for your tape or strand straight away. With the new ranger® plastic stake, horizont has succeeded in further optimising an already strong product and bringing it a little closer to the everyday reality of many farmers.

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