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Korbach, February 2021. Not new, but still exclusive to horizont is the "Sheep and Goat Net Vertical" from our electric fence range. Thanks to its additional vertical current conduction, it is one of the safest nets on the market - and we tell you why.


Where you need it

Heavy vegetation, impassable terrain, slopes: not a rarity for many shepherds, but everyday life. Classic nets often reach their limits here, because the tension in the net drops rapidly due to the many down conductors. In addition, the sometimes cumbersome assembly and disassembly process poses the risk of broken strands and damage. The result is limited herding safety at the expense of the animals to be herded.

How it works

The horizont vertical net has an easy solution for precisely these applications and problems: more current-carrying strands, and vertical ones at that. This not only increases the conductivity of the net, but also ensures that the power supply remains secure in the event of a strand breakage.

Why it convinces

In addition to the horizontal and vertical strands that carry current at regular intervals, the net also has high-quality copper conductors that horizont uses as standard in its nets. The result is an extremely conductive net with 0.17 Ohm / m, which is also extremely easy to handle thanks to a height of 90 cm.
Good handling is also promised by the so-called connection clips at the ends of the net, which enable simple and efficient extension. In this context, stability also plays an important role, which is always given thanks to our stable plastic poles in both the single and double tip versions.


How it can be even better

However, to ensure even better stability, it makes sense to brace individual corners of the fence system. For example, a guy wire with pegs or an additional ground rod can be used for this. The lowest strand should also be secured with ground pegs at regular intervals to prevent potential hiding. High conductivity paired with the greatest possible safety - no other net on the market so far manages to combine these two properties more elegantly and efficiently than the horizont vertical net.

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