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Der ranger® AS

The powerful single fighter among the rechargeable solar devices

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Korbach, February 2021. The devices of the new ranger® AS series combine state-of-the-art solar technology with a powerful 12V/34 Ah battery and are thus the most powerful self-sufficient electric fencers on the market with the best price-performance ratio.


Simple and compact

Powerful battery, long running times and a good price - what's the catch? Thanks to consistent further development, Horizont has succeeded in introducing a truly unique electric fence duo to the market with the two ranger® AS units. Unlike many solar devices, the holder for the solar panel is already integrated into the device and can be aligned at four different angles. The solar panel is therefore not only mounted above the vegetation, but due to the ergonomic carrying handle, the device can also be transported comfortably and, above all, with one hand.

Rugged and durable

Just like the housing of the electric fence unit, the frame of the solar panel and the solar module itself are made of weather-resistant plastic with UV stabiliser.

This means that the unit is not only exceptionally light, but also extremely robust against breakage or impact. The solar charge control is also weather-protected and deposits on the panel are removed by rain or clear water. The units of the AS series are not only easy to operate, but also extremely easy to maintain.


Self-sufficient and powerful

The battery-powered solar units also score points in terms of functionality. The device does not make any concessions compared to its pure battery or domestic power colleagues from the ranger® series. It has all the familiar functions such as the practical Energy Control and our power-saving Eco Power circuit, and this enables particularly energy-saving and cost-efficient use without sacrificing performance.

Energetic and efficient

Thanks to the automatic switchover to solar operation, the 12 V/ 34 Ah battery and the 20/30 Watt solar panel guarantee long running times and thus offer a high degree of self-sufficiency.

This makes the unit attractive not only for mobile grazing, but also stationary pastures that should be permanently electrified according to wolf deterrence recommendations. Short and efficient charging times coupled with a long runtime make the 1.5 Joule [AS120] and 2.5 Joule devices [AS180] of the ranger® AS series not only a great addition to our range, but also an attractively priced must-have in modern pasture management.  


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