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Korbach, July 2021. horizon surprises the market with a bio-based electric fence housing. With the new Greenline, horizont focuses on a future-oriented and environmentally friendly product range. Progress and further development are top priority for horizont.


Plant-based instead of fossil

This year, horizont is launching the new Greenline product line. The main idea of the new line: sustainability. An important topic is therefore plastics that are biodegradable. A new development combines such a plastic with ordinary petroleum-based plastic and can be completely recycled.

Greenline products are a resource-saving alternative to the previous conventional products. All products meet the usual quality standards with a sustainable aspect. An important step is the use of renewable raw materials or recycled materials in the products. For the introduction of Greenline, horizont offers the world's first electric fence whose housing is made of bio-based plastic. Bioplastic is 100% recyclable and is produced without petroleum or petroleum derivatives. In addition, the housing is impact-resistant, UV-resistant, splash-proof and oil-resistant.

Plastics made from renewable raw materials are a forward-looking alternative for the climate-neutral use of plastic. The ambition of horizont is to offer products based on renewable raw materials or recycled materials.


Product benefits

In addition to the bioplastic housing, the Greenline electric fence has other sustainable functions. As a dual device, it can be connected to a 230 volt mains supply and a 12 volt battery at the same time. This ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a mains power failure. In addition, the unit can be combined with a solar panel so that the sun's energy can also be used.

The device offers a further ecological advantage through the integrated power-saving circuit, whereby the power consumption of the electric fence device adapts to the fence. This leads to lower energy consumption and can reduce costs at the same time. 

Another useful feature is the 12 volt battery device, which guarantees a longer running time of the electric fence and consequently minimises maintenance work. The practical on/off switch on the electric fence unit means that the power no longer has to be switched off by a fence switch or by pulling the plug. In summary, the new Greenline product has decisive functions that contribute to a more environmentally friendly pasture management.


Sustainable into the future

This idea is also applied in other areas. For example, cane & beet sugar are the main ingredient in our poultry drinker product line. horizont has set itself ambitious goals on the subject of sustainability. These include not only a sustainable product range, but also production that is as environmentally friendly as possible and low CO₂ logistics routes. A high standard that the horizont team in Korbach is working hard to achieve. In the future, horizont will continue to actively promote sustainability in the company and continuously optimise processes and products in this context.

Another step forward for horizont and another success on the way to becoming a sustainable and environmentally conscious company.

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