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Lambs rearing & birthing

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LammZeit | Documentation aid for sheep farming

  • Comprehensive documentation aid at a low price
  • Created in collaboration with experts from sheep farming
  • Including interesting product presentations and advice articles
  • Can be used as proof of documentation for authorities and inspection bodies

Tétiblue polyethylene lamb drinking bucket (11 L) | blue

  • Made of high density polyethylene (PEHD)
  • Supplied complete with suction cups and corresponding valves
  • Two compartments for attachment to the grating or planks
  • Due to new shape milk drains completely

Tétiblue plastic lamb drinking bucket (12 L) | green

  • Made of high quality plastic with steel hook
  • Supplied with 6 teats made of natural rubber
  • With aluminum valve
  • 12 liters capacity

NETTEX polycarbonate lamb drinking bottle (500 ml)

  • Made of high quality polycarbonate
  • High durability
  • No deformation of the bottle when sucking the lamb
  • Extra wide neck

Tétiblue rubber lamb teat | 6 pieces

  • Made of soft natural rubber
  • With connection, X-opening
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