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Mosquito repellent & insect spray

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Fly Shot Final (750 ml)

  • Spray against flying and crawling insects
  • Immediate and long-lasting effect up to 6 weeks
  • To be used on ants, flies, mites, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, moths and beetles.
  • Uncomplicated application

Parasite powder "Ektosol" (250 g)

  • Effective parasite control
  • Also suitable for vermin prevention
  • Ready for use
  • Safe prevention through regular use

Mite-Off 100ml

  • Spray concentrate to control mites, fleas, hair and feather lice.
  • immediate killing effect
  • long duration of action of up to 6 weeks
  • sufficient for 150 sqm² stable floor space
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