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horizont Premium calf blanket | large | with bag

  • Calf blanket with 3 layers for good insulation
  • Water repellent material
  • Pocket for the use of heat pads
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To ensure optimal care for your calf, the horizont calf blanket is ideally suited for your calf rearing. The horizont Premium calf blanket ensures optimal care of your calf during your calf rearing and serves to support the immune system in calves below 15 °C outside temperature. Sudden weather changes can be better handled by the animal through the use of the horizont calf blanket and the risk of diarrhea and other diseases decreases when the calf is not exposed to this temperature stress.

When used in conjunction with a good, rich bedding, the Premium Calf Blanket provides the animal with protection from the cold. The calf blanket consists of 3 layers, the fleece layer in combination with the warming PU inner layer keep the calf warm even at low outside temperatures. The material of the calf blanket is also water repellent to provide the animals with the best possible protection from the weather. In addition, it is possible to insert heat pads into the patch pocket on the right side of the blanket (not included).

Especially for premature or weak calves, sufficient warmth is of great importance to maintain or promote the health of the animal. Calves under 3 weeks of age are more susceptible to illness at temperatures below 15 °C, older calves should be covered from temperatures below 5 °C at the latest. It is important to cover a dry calf.

  • Calf blanket with 3 layers for good insulation
  • Water repellent material
  • Pocket for the use of heat pads


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