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Electric fence

  • Electric fence and accessories
  • Mobile fencing systems and fixed pasture fences
  • For fencing livestock and small animals

If you are new to the subject of "Electric fencing", you will find the information you need here the first important information.

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horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - trapper® N45

  • Reliable performance for smaller fencing systems
  • Maximum voltage 8,000 volts, 0.8 joules input, 0.45 joules output
  • Active monitoring through Power Control
  • High-quality materials and robust design

230 V Intellishock M50 electric fence energiser

  • Performance and efficiency combined
  • The housing is UV-stabilised, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Universal use for many animal species: horse, cattle, pig, poultry
  • Ideal for medium pasture fences up to 5.5 km fence length

horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - turbomax® N1430

  • Powerful and uninterrupted
  • Maximum voltage 12,000 V, 25 joules input, 14.3 joules output
  • 5-year guarantee
  • 2-stage technology for outstanding troubleshooting

horizont 230 V electric fence energiser - hotshock® N500

  • Extra powerful pasture fencing device for robust animals and fence lengths of up to 45 km
  • Maximum voltage 9,500 V, 6 joules input, 5 joules output
  • Innovative "Impulse Control" for maximum safety
  • 3 years warranty

Intellishock M90

  • Permanent & reliable operation on 230 V mains - low consumption
  • Maximum voltage 7,800 V, 1.2 joules input, 0.9 joules output
  • Material is UV-stabilised, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Universal use for many animal species: horse, cattle, pig, poultry
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Electric pasture fences & electric fences

You want to buy an electric pasture fence? Anyone who has had little contact with the area of pasture fencing will rightly have some questions. At first glance it does not seem easy to find the right electric fence and the right accessories. In our online shop you will find everything you need for a pasture fence - electrified or not.

We will help you answer the most important questions about electric fencing and put together your complete electric fence set.

Topic overview

How does an electric fence work?

An electric pasture fence is based on the principle of deterrence through electrical impulses without having to rely on a large mechanical barrier. It is used both to fence in your livestock safely, but also to exclude certain animals, such as wild boar or wolves.

The basic structure of the pasture fence consists of a Pasture fencing devicesuitable ladder material, pasture fence posts with accessories and Earthing When the fence is in contact with the animal, an electrical voltage is continuously present. However, the circuit is only closed when the animal comes into contact with the pasture fence. In this case, the animal receives a harmless but deterrent electric shock and learns to accept the pasture fence as a barrier.

What are the advantages of an electric fence?

An electric fence is not only easy to install, it is also characterised by high flexibility and mobility. You can quickly erect and dismantle, move or even extend a pasture fence without much effort.

Furthermore, an electric pasture fence offers a particularly high level of herding safety, as not only a physical barrier, but also a psychological barrier is created out of respect for electric shock.

Another advantage is the easy control of the pasture fence, which is very important especially with long fence lengths. The function and associated herding safety of the electric fence can be checked directly on the electric fence or with a fence tester.

What equipment is needed for a fixed or mobile electric fence?

Electric fence device

The device sends impulses into the pasture fence which, in the event of fence contact, provide an electric shock deterrent. Choose between 9V and 12V versions for mobile use or a mains unit for the socket.

Solar solution

Use the sun's energy for 9 V battery devices and 12 V rechargeable devices. Save on battery costs and maintenance in the form of recharging batteries or changing batteries.

Energy source

To be able to use your electric fence, you still need the right power supply for your electric fence. You can choose between batteries, rechargeable batteries, 230 V mains adapter and battery charger.

Connection material, lightning protection, switch

Establishes the electrical connection from the device to the pasture fence. Lightning protection systems are a must for power supply units.

Earthing and accessories

Energy flows back from the ground into the electric fence unit via the ground stake and the connection cable.

Control devices, additional devices, warning signs

Control devices are necessary for a meaningful pasture fence control - they facilitate the legally prescribed fence function test.

Conductive material (tapes, strands, ropes, wires)

Conducts the electrical impulse in the fence and forms the visual barrier for the animal. The conductor is uninsulated and laid open so that it can make good contact with the animal.

Connectors and tensioners

The conductor material can be firmly and electrically connected with connectors. The correct tensioners ensure that the conductors are tightly stretched to prevent injury to animals. Knotted conductor material, on the other hand, is associated with high energy loss.


Keep the conductor material well insulated in position. The right insulator should be chosen to match the conductor material.

Gate handles and sets

Have you considered the access to the pasture? A gate is usually used several times a day and should be designed to be user-friendly.


A mobile pasture fence or mobile subdivisions can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily with a reel.


For a stable fence construction, care should be taken to choose the appropriate stakes. Different types of posts, differentiated by material and stability, are suitable for different pasture fence installations.

Which pasture fence is the right one for me?

The right complete pasture fence set must be matched to the individual needs and requirements. Decisive factors here are the length of the area to be fenced, the vegetation density and thus site conditions, as well as the type of animal to be herded.

The right product series for every application:

The horizont pasture fence series cover all areas of application: from hobby to professional users. The components of a series guarantee optimal interaction. From our entry-level trapper series to our premium turbomax series, we offer the right solution for every application, whether cattle, horses, sheep, goats or small animals.

  • turbomax - Powerful performance for the highest demands

Our premium series for extreme and very special demands. The turbomax units are extremely powerful and suitable for extremely long fences. They have an extensive range of features and functions that make them particularly pleasant to use and are suitable for herding almost all types of animals. Corresponding conductor material of this series guarantees highest conductivity thanks to lowest resistance values.

  • ranger - for high demands and dry floors

Our professional series for higher demands and dry site conditions. The ranger units are ideally suited for grazing animals, such as horses or cattle. The ranger range is ideally suited for medium to long fences and offers high herding security.

  • hotshock - Ideal for robust animals and game defence

This series is ideal for defence against robust animals. hotshock units can therefore be used for game defence and also in combination with nets. They control every difficult defence situation and are therefore used for special solutions in animal defence and sheep husbandry. The products of the hotshock series are designed for medium fence lengths.

  • farmer - Ideal for calm grazing animals and normal operating conditions

The farmer series includes the all-rounder products for grazing. They are ideally suited for short to medium fence lengths for quiet grazing animals kept under normal conditions of use.

  • trapper - Ideal for small, simple grazing fences

The trapper series is very suitable for beginners and hobby livestock keepers. Small and simple fencing systems are the ideal application here.
You can also use the electric fence for your pets such as cats or dogs.

Why doesn't my electric pasture fence work? - Possible sources of error at a glance


Insufficient earthing impairs the flow of current. The ground can present a high resistance if it is very dry or if there are difficult weather conditions such as snow or frost.

If necessary, use several earth stakes.

Conductor material

The conductor material must have correspondingly low resistance values in order to be able to provide the fence tension over the required fence length. Higher fence requirements demand powerful equipment as well as powerful conductor material.

Knotted conductor material creates resistance and leads to voltage drop - therefore use suitable connectors in case of conductor breakage.


Overgrowth on the pasture fence significantly impairs the fence tension and thus the guarding safety of your pasture fence. If you have to deal with a high density of vegetation on your electric fence, we recommend a device with a high pulse energy.

Electric fence unit

The device should be selected according to the animal species to be herded, the length of the fence and the external conditions (vegetation density).