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Product range extension for poultry farming

New products for hobby poultry farmers

Press information horizont group gmbh - Animal Care

Korbach, February 2020. horizont Animal Care's range of products for poultry farming is particularly interesting for hobby farmers. In order to make this product range at horizont even more attractive and to take into account the great interest of customers, the range will be expanded with new products in 2020. Poultry farmers will find the right product for every need at horizont and can always rely on the best quality.


Automatic feeder with flap lid for filling

New in the range is a feeder for chickens with a hinged lid and a capacity of 4 kg. Thanks to the new opening, it can be filled with feed from the top very easily and without having to turn it upside down. In addition, the feeder is made of impact-resistant and break-proof plastic, which makes it particularly durable and robust. Cleaning is easy, which ensures a higher level of hygiene for the animals. The fill level is easy to see from the outside and the vending machine can be filled through the opening without losing feed, even when it is suspended.

Double cylinder drinker CLEAN with innovative closure

The poultry drinker is made of impact-resistant and break-proof plastic and the innovative and internal closure also makes cleaning very easy.

The drinker can be filled without turning it upside down and the white top reduces algae formation in the water, ensuring better hygiene and more health for the chickens. The carrying handle on the 3 litre double cylinder drinker is also suitable for hanging.


Geflügeltränke mit transparentem Oberteil

The second new poultry drinker has a capacity of 5 litres and is made of polypropylene. It is equipped with a practical hanging and carrying handle and is particularly easy to assemble. The handle of the poultry drinker is large, robust and ergonomically shaped for comfortable carrying. It also has an eyelet for hanging it up. The curved top prevents soiling and makes cleaning the poultry drinker easier - for better hygiene in every chicken house. The transparent container makes it easy to see the water level from a distance.

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