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horinetz 2.0. offers more safety for pasture animals

Tradition meets innovation

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Korbach, February 2021. As one of the most conductive nets on the market, the horinetz high energy, as the youngest member of the horiznetz family, offers the best conditions for high-performance fencing systems with sophisticated requirements.


horinetz – a family history

It is a net for all situations - our black and yellow original. In order to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and to offer an option for all areas of application, we have constantly developed and optimised our horinets over the last few years. For the 2021 grazing season, horizont is now launching the "horinetz high energy" as a supplement to the already existing horinetz.

Well-tried and good

The horinets owe their characteristic durability to the UV-stabilised plastic monofilaments from which the strands are made. In addition to the material, the "high energy" also has the classic horinetz structure and an identical arrangement of the strands.

The distances of the lower strands are chosen with 10 cm so that the nets are excellently suited for flocks of sheep and goats with young animals. Only the distance between the non-electrified earth conductor and the following strand is 15 cm to prevent derivation through vegetation.
The "high energy" is available in our classic three heights of 90 cm, 105 cm and 120 cm - whereby the 120 cm net complies with all legal requirements and recommendations for current wolf protection.* Our tool-free clip system, which can also be found in a modified form in the net versions with current-carrying earth conductor, ensures the strong connection of several nets.


New and optimised

Known from our turbomax series, the "plus earth" versions with electrified earth conductor are now also moving into the horinetz family. These versions are particularly suitable where dry soils make for poor earthing. The real clue, however, are the three 0.25 cm thick copper conductors that are incorporated into the horizontal strands in addition to the stainless steel conductors and reduce the resistance to less than 0.12 Ohm/m. The result is an extremely conductive horinetz. The result is an extremely conductive net that, under optimal conditions, contributes significantly to increasing the safety of the herd.

high energy and hotshock® – an unbeatable team

Since a good network on its own does not guarantee sufficient protection, it is important to have the right partners. On the one hand, it is important that no old nets or nets in need of maintenance are mixed with the newly acquired nets in order to fully exploit the potential. On the other hand, a powerful electric fence is needed behind each net. For operation on nets and thus for long-haired or feathered animals, our hotshock® devices in 230 V or 12 V with their specific pulsing are particularly suitable. Depending on the situation, the 12 V unit can also be supplemented with our new plastic solar panel in the 30 Watt version.
hotshock® and "horinetz high energy" are representative for a successful and over decades proven system of strong and coordinated products of the brand horizont - Made in Germany.
* For explicit use in wolf areas, it is also worth taking a look at our "horinetz super plus", which was developed together with the Saxon Goat and Sheep Breeders' Association for wolf protection.


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