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horizont 9 V / 12 V / 230 V electric fence - farmer® ABN30

farmer® - Our all-rounder series of pasture management. The grazing fence units are ideally suited for calm grazing animals kept under normal operating conditions.

  • Top quality - ideal for fence lengths for up to 5.5 km
  • Maximum voltage 10,000 V, 0.4 joules input / 0.3 joules output
  • Integrated power saving circuit adjusts power consumption to pasture fence
  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation for uninterrupted operation
All product details
Energy control
Eco power
Integrated solar charge control
Automatic switching in solar mode
On/off switch
Dual device
UV stabilizer
Ergonomic carrying handle

The farmer ® ABN30 electric fence can be connected to 230 V mains power and a 12 V battery at the same time. In the event of a power failure, interruption operation is guaranteed. Optionally, the electric fence can also be operated with a solar panel and a 9 V battery or a 12 V rechargeable battery.
A simple attachment of a solar panel is possible via the mounting device. The solar charging control guarantees problem-free charging of different battery types and is installed in the device in a weather-protected manner. The electric fence unit automatically switches to solar operation.

The 3-stage LED display "Energy Control" provides a quick check of the battery capacity and also shows you the activity of the electric fence unit by flashing in time with the pulse output. Due to the special power saving circuit, the power consumption of the electric fence device adapts to the fence, which ensures less energy consumption, less environmental impact and lower costs. With the convenient on / off switch on the electric fence unit, there is no longer a need to turn off the power by a fence switch or by pulling the plug.

Thanks to the ergonomic carrying handle, you can easily move the electric fence unit with just one hand, even if it is heavy. Our electric fence devices are made of high-quality plastics and are UV-resistant, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant as well as oil-resistant. This guarantees you many years of durability of the electric fence device.

The electric fence is suitable for fence lengths (medium vegetation) up to 3.8 km.
We recommend to set up the electric fence device with an earthing rod for optimal herding safety.

The electric fence unit, fence cable, ground connection cable and ground stake are included in delivery.

  • Top quality - ideal for fence lengths for up to 5.5 km
  • Maximum voltage 10,000 V, 0.4 joules input / 0.3 joules output
  • Integrated power saving circuit adjusts power consumption to pasture fence
  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation for uninterrupted operation
  • Solar charge control installed in the device protected from the weather
  • Automatic switching in solar mode
  • Energy Control - 3-stage LED display for battery capacity and activity of the device
  • Convenient on / off switch
  • Ergonomic carrying handle with soft grip insert - ideal for mobile use
  • Polycarbonate housing - impact-resistant, UV-resistant, splash-proof and oil-resistant
  • Former article name: farmer® ABN4
  • Mounting device for solar panel
  • Plug-in profile for ground rod in housing
  • Housing can be secured with a padlock
  • Retaining plate in the interior provides a firm stand for battery and battery
  • Multi-optional storage compartment for power supply when not in use
  • Intelligent cable routing prevents squeezed cables and leads from inside the device to the solar panel
  • Solar charging control built into the device, protected from the weather - problem-free charging of different battery types
  • Microprocessor control

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NEW! In addition to our previous design, horizontal energisers are now also available in a revised look.

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Good service plays a major role at horizont. In our in-house repair workshop, experts are available to assist you with words and deeds. In case of a defect or damage of your device (e.g. due to lightning strike or moisture ingress), horizont's technical service will be at your disposal at short notice.

Many of horizont's specialized trade partners can repair your device on site thanks to simple modular construction or your device will be repaired in the service center in Korbach and you will be helped with a loaner device during the short repair time (usually 48 hours).

During the subsequent safety inspection, all components of the device are tested and you receive a one-year warranty on the complete device.


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All devices are tested according to the applicable EU directives and the safety standard EN 60335-7-76 and built under DIN EN ISO 9001.

Made in Germany

All horizont energisers are produced in Germany and are thus characterized by premium quality. 

Horizont energisers and accessory products are developed in Germany according to the latest technical standards. All production steps for the manufacture of electronic components and almost all plastic products take place in production facilities in Korbach (Germany).

Suitable for
horse, Beef, Wild boar, Cat, Dog
3 years
Technical specification
Power supply
9 V 12 V 230 V
Protection type
Output suggested solar panel
5 W
Voltage AC
230 V
Voltage DC
9v , 12v
Energy supply
Operating voltage
9 V + Solar , 12 V + Solar , 12 V + 230 V
Stored energy
0.4 J
Pulse energy
0.3 J
Possible number of 50 m netting connections (sheep)
Grounding piles length
1 m
Number of grounding piles
Max. voltage
10000 V
Max. voltage 500 Ohm
3200 V
Max. fence length (CEE)
9.5 km
Max. fence length without load
5.5 km
Max. fence length medium load
3.8 km
Max. fence length heavy load
0.9 km
Power consumption 12 V min.
24 mA
Power consumption 12 V max.
28 mA
Power consumption 9 V min.
28 mA
power consumption 9 V max.
36 mA
Product series
17.5 cm
24.8 cm
31.9 cm
2.945 kg
Content (Pieces)
  • Tested and built according to the applicable EU directives and the safety standard EN60335-7-76 and DIN EN ISO 9001
85400 | G - 06/22
Test certificate
10555 041119
Declaration of conformity
Test certificate
horizont Secura
QM01094 2023
certificate DIN EN ISO : 2023

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